Chapter 28 for Laid-Back Hero

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“I….have no excuse nya….”


Uliminus was on her knees, sweating profusely in front of the Demon King Gaul sitting on his throne.


“..So you’re telling me that you have no clue about the mysterious magical disturbance in the east?” Demon King Gaul asked the same question once more.


The reputable espionage organization of the Demon king’s army, Silent Ear. Uliminus as the demon chief of this very organization, is responsible for gathering information from the entire continent.


Silent Ear has a long record of successful endeavors and were the pride of the army. However, as of recently they faced a problem. It was about the magical disturbance in the east of the continent.


She sent a agent, Magic Ninja Grenial to investigate in Houtarou Town, a town located in the closest proximity of the disturbance. However, when Uliminus thought that the mission was successful since Grenial came back soon after, to her surprise Grenial started babbling nonsense.


“I want a permission for me to become the disciple of a human”


Uliminus rejected it immediately and told her to stop fooling around, but she kept persisting on becoming the disciple, therefore, she locked her up and let her think about what nonsense she was requesting.

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