Chapter 29 for Laid-Back Hero


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“...Su...such atrocity…...”


The First imperial princess hearing the report from the magician fell from the throne.


Right after the incident, the Princess asked for the consultation from the government officials and people vis-a-vis how to persuade Furio to be the real hero.


From the consultation, the princess found out about the atrocity commited by the magician in regards to how they treated one of the summoned one.


What the magician told her was that, there is a high probability that Furio was the summoned person who’s real name is Banaza, and the same person who was exiled from the castle due to him being too weak to fit the prerequisite.


The magicians under the currently unconscious king’s secret order, coated Furio with beast luring magic and threw him into the beasts’ den.


Due to the secrecy of the order, not many in the castle knew about it, only few important magicians and the officials were well informed about it.


“Concealment magic coated on me must’ve been detected and seen through by sir Furio, since these kinds of magics must be a child’s play for the true hero like him. If that’s true than he definitely noticed that I’m the princess...”


There is no way he will agree to become the hero…...


Princess felt helpless as she realized the severity of the problem.


…….Inside the room inside the Demon King’s castel…..


“Big brother has gone senile?”


Demon Lord Gaul’s brother from a different mother, Yuiguard the tyrant, shouted in surprise.

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