Chapter 30 for Laid-Back Hero

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…In Yuiguard’s abode...


Yuiguard, was listening to Fufun’s report on the accomplishment of the mission tasked upon her and the next steps for the mission.


Currently, Demon King Gaul is stronger in personal strength when compared to Yuiguard.


“.....we have to do that and that…..And, to overpower Gaul, we must utilize the Evil god’s sacrificial ritual”


Evil god’s sacrificial ritual is a ritual that calls upon the power that exists in a different realm, the realm of Darkness, which contains a higher quality mana, thus enabling an immense power up in strength.


This kind of magic that calls upon otherworldly mana, is what the Dark Magician Marissa used, however this ritual is several times stronger due to the sacrifice it uses.


“Doesn’t the ritual’s effect wear off really quickly?”


“Yes, this is why we will pre-chant it, but complete the chant right before the battle with Gaul. This method will allow the most efficient and make the most out of the ritual. Whatever, the next move is, all depends on you Sir Yuiguard!”


“You can count on me! I, Yuiguard shall surpass Gaul and become the true demon king!”


Yuiguard laughed narcissitically, and Fufun bowed.


Behind Fufun, two humans were lying on the floor one of which were struggling to escape. They were captured to be used as a sacrifice for the ritual.


“nn! nnnn!! (release me! I am not a human who will die in a place like this!)”



Demon King Gaul has 3 God Class subordinates, called Trinity God

  • Snake Queen Yoru-Meet

  • Death Horse Slape

  • Double-Headed Bird Fugy/Mugy

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