Chapter 31 for Laid-Back Hero

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Uliminus threw the ring, that displayed her status as the subordinate of the Demon king, against Yuiguard.


“Who the f*ck would want to become your subordinate nya!”


“Yo, You rude bastard!”


Uliminus just ignored him and activated a smoke screen as she disappeared from the place without leaving behind any trail.


Not long after, the subordinates of Uliminus, the members of the Silent Ear started their entourage of returning the ring and not leaving their position in the Demon King’s army.


“Funn, espionage are the thing cowards do. Hiding in the shadow because of their inability to put up an actual fight, they are imbeciles with no real abilities!”


Yuiguard was feeling frustrated and commented how egregiously weak and cowardly the Silent Ear was.


Proceeding on with his claims, he ordered for a war against the Humans.


Unfortunately for Yuiguard, the Demon King’s army were met with the worst defeat in the history against the Humans.


The demon king’s army marched on without any scouts, thus were assailed by large amount of traps,: such as pitfalls, falling rocks, and ambushes. This led to an overwhelming casualty of over ⅔ of the entire army: ⅓ dead, ⅓ injured. Thus, they weren’t even able to reach the castle walls as they retreated without a fight.


“Why...Why would my army meet with such decisive loss….”


Yuiguard trembled with anger and punched the throne he was sitting on, multiple times.

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