Chapter 32 for Laid-Back Hero

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“I’m home! Today’s catch was good!”


Varissa came back with her companion, the single horned rabbit Saber, looking grealy elated with her catch.


“Humu, that is great”


To Varissa’s surprise, in front of her the former demon king Gaul was sitting in the living room drinking tea.


Gaul, currently going by with the name of Gozaru, raised an admiritive voice in reaction to Varrissa’s proclamation.


As for Varissa, as soon as she saw Gaul, she made a supreme escape from the house to the outside.


“Wh….why is the demon the house”


Varissa who couldn’t comprehend the situation was drenched in sweat, trembling as she looked dumbly at the entrance door.


Contrary to what people might expect from seeing a sudden escape, Gozaru felt great admiration toward the agile movement utilized by Varissa.


….fumu, a fast body maneuver as always….as expected of Varissa, someone worthy of my respect…


Gozaru with his strange perspective to his daily ordeal, nothing to be surprised about.



Gozaru walked to Houtarou town as he made detours visiting human cities after cities. He purposely didn’t use the teleportation magic and walked to the city, which caused him to be lost several time but he somehow managed to get to this town after asking for the direction from many people.


“I wanted to know how it feels like to be a normal human you know, it didn’t really go as I planned it to be.”

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