Chapter 33 for Laid-Back Hero


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“...Right, quite a good result”


Furio was inside his working room looking at his newly crafted dragon scale shield, smiling in satisfaction.


“Husband is a very interesting man. You could’ve just crafted it with magic, and not have wasted so much time making it by hand”


Furio smiled bitterly toward Lys’s remark.


“How should I say it… It won’t be any fun if I did all of this with magic.”


When he was in his original world, he liked working on stuff like this, working on things like repairing, crafting, and creating things. Thus, he tries to minimize his use of magic whenever he craft things, even for dragon scales that are famous for how hard it is, he’d rather forge it with his grip strength rather than his omnipotent magic.


Despite his grip strength being abnormally strong, he prefers to control it and create things from the base up rather than relying on magic.


Until recently, the equipments he crafted were sold in the familiar weaponry shop but, these days he have been bringing it to the Miscellaneous shop, the Yugo, owned by Uliminus.


Despite the cozy and comfortable atmosphere present in the shop, Yugo, they pride their success on their high quality equipments, magic items, medicinal herbs and magic stones.


“This will help alot nya. We just got the order for it today nya”


Receiving Furio’s shield, Uliminus hugged it happily.


“It was that customer right? I will go get him”


The former demon king Gaul, currently Gozaru, was looking at the interaction between the two from the side and thus suggested the next move.


“Gozaru-dono! Stop! Yesterday you dragged the customer here by his neck! That’s no good. Come, let us go together, I will show you how to do it correctly”


“Really? I will be in your care Varissa”

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