Chapter 34 for Laid-Back Hero


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In Furio’s household, it’s part of the family’s routine to eat together during breakfast and dinner in the living room.


Furio, Lys, the four dames, Saber, Frantic Bear, Gaul aka Gozaru, Uliminus, and Hiya


Furio and Lys are the main owners of the house and a beautiful couple.


At present Varissa is working as a clerk in Yugo, the miscellaneous shop


At present Broom, is cultivating the farm


Bily, at present managing the ranch


Saber, the Frantic bear, a pet and a proud security guard of the house


Gozaru, a former demon king currently working as a store clerk in Yugo


Uliminus, a miscellaneous store manager and a former episonage of Gaul


As for Hiya, she doesn’t need any food or water to sustain herself, hence, usually at this period of time she busy herself with the training in her own spiritual world.


“Hey Uliminus, I heard about this Kinousa from Lys, but do you know where it’s located at?”


Furio asked Uliminus while they were eating their breakfast


“Hmm? Oh that nya, it’s located in the South  and it is not that far away nya”


According to Uliminus, it’s located over the mountain next to houtarou town, and since teleportation accounts for the actual distance and not the influences caused by the terrain, it can be considered to be a town that’s closeby.


“If you are going than I can reserve a room in the hotel over there nya?”


Furio agreed readily to the suggestion and he himself suggested an idea to the people surrounding the table


“How about we all go together?”

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