Chapter 36 for Laid-Back Hero


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Lys acted swiftly in her course of actions, she left everyone as soon as the check in was done, while pulling Furio in her arms and rushed to their room and placed their baggages.


“Husband! It’s a hot spring! It is a hot spring! It’s a spring most famous for blessing people with a child!”


She repeatedly said it as if she was under some sort of curse as she ran around pulling Furio towards the outdoor spring.


Yangagi is one of the 7 famous hot spring in this hot spring town, famed for their high effectiveness. Yanagi in particular, has the reputation to bless a child to a couple.


“Hubsand! Come, let’s enjoy the bath together!”


“Cu, customer!? This is not a mixed bath so it will greatly trouble us!”


“Aa!? Don’t disturb us! Our life long happiness is at stake here!”




“I apologize for all this ruckus. Lys, we can enjoy the bath, with males and females seperated alright. I don’t want to see you cause any more scene understood?”


“….I understand Husband….I’m sorry”


Lys came to her senses after getting hit and scolded by Furio, hence, she nodded her head in understanding.



“Hawawaa♪ this is really tasty!”


Bily shouted in delight as she ate the meal.


“Indeed, this is delicious!”


Brossam who sat next to her ate fish and shouted merrily while drinking sake with it.


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