Chapter 37 for Laid-Back Hero


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Gozaru and his group, reunited with Furio and Lys who were on their way back from the Yanagi spring, thus they went to the large room where the rest enjoyed their food, together.


“Right, I heard that the third floor were shut down. Did something happen?”


“Oh yeah, from what I heard it was a group of drunkards fought or something and broke the entire floor, it should be in repair right now”


Furio nodded toward Balaina.


At that moment


“You guys are banned from this inn!!”


The landlady’s angry shout resonated from the inn’s entrance.




“What’s wrong? Uliminus”


“, I feel many familiar presence nya….”


“What a coincidence, Uliminus. Same here”


Gozaru and Uliminus looked at each other for a moment but,


“..Oh well, We came here today to enjoy-nya, leave it be nya”


With that said she drank the sake from the flagon.


That day, the group that cause destruction not once but twice, were banned from entering the hot spring town itself, and their faces were plastered all over the town. It was Yuiguard’s group that turned into a human in order to enjoy human luxury.



After finishing their dinner, Furio’s group headed out for an outdoor spring located in the hot spring town.


As for Lys, she, as expected went to the yanagi spring that was said to bless a couple with a child.


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