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...In the corner of the CryRoad’s castle town….

“’s located in that place”

Glenial, the former member of demon king’s espionage organization silent ear, currently the representative for stocking goods for the shop in the castle town, whispered to another member of the former silent ear member.

Today was the day the silent ear got ahold of the information regarding the location of the hidden organization that circulated fake and/bad goods in the castle town. Thus, the silent ear planned to exterminate these vermins once and for all.


Following Glenial’s signal, the group merged with the darkness and rushed into the building, of what was deemed the secret base of the opponent organisation.

The group creeped inside the building through the ventilation duct, as planned, however, while Glenial was crawling through the duct, a guillotine fell, blocking the way.


Glenial was able to dodge the guillotine that was about to chop off her head, as she instinctively crawled backwards with full strength in hair’s breadth of time. However, the problem laid further than that. This meant a failure in detection of a trap, by the all famous magic ninja. Ninja that were supposed to be well versed in all kinds of trap detection and dismantling.

Genial, judged that since the trap activated, the enemy must’ve been notified of their invasion, and thus changed to plan b, to force their way in and whistled loudly as a signal.

With her whistle as a signal, the members emerged out of the darkness and gathered at the front of door. As soon as all the members gathered at the door, they barged in ready to cause ruckus.

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