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...Cryload castle . Treasury


“You guys! Chase them! Don’t let the intruders escape!”


Without any care for the fact that she was just sleeping, Bolaris rushed to the scene to take control, after receiving an urgent message from the castle that some unknown group invaded the castle treasury.


“How did they intrude the treasury this easily! What were the night guards doing!”


“They snuck in through a secret passageway, that we had no idea of that connected directly to the treasury room”


“Eei, annoying! Capture the intruders and put some guards in the passage from now on! Understood?”



Bolaris, kingdom’s imperial guard, 2nd regiment captain.


She is a loyal subordinate of the current queen, that worked under her during her time as imperial princess, and as soon as the queen ascended to the throne, she was brought back to the castle, and was given the position of chief guard, to takeover the security of the castle.


….If I decimate the invaders, than her highness would definitely be overjoyed..Aa, just imagining her highness’s tender face filled with youth, complimenting my success, surges me with power rivaling 1000 man.


Her love for the adult with loli trait didn’t change even after her promotion. Her sexual interest is still a secret to everyone.


Because the intruders were very familiar with the special passageway in the castle, most of them were able to escape from Bolaris’s attack.


“...At least we were able to capture this guy here”


Bolaris clicked her tongue and stepped on one of the captured person.

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