Chapter 41 for Laid-Back Hero


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The demonic fox sisters and her clan were trading with the former King in the CryRoad castle town’s wholesale market.


Both launched their business through their merchant division.


Gold and Silver fox sisters opened G & S firm.


Former Kings opened, Successful Gold Tree firm.


They used an alias name and registered their company to the CryRoad Castle Town’s Merchant Guild.


Thus, they are able to make transactions on their products out in the open in the wholesale market.


The Former King utilized these methods to steal and buy items from the wholesale market, and delivered them to the Fox sisters clan.


Over half of their delivered goods are stolen, this meant that they had to use alternative methods to acquire these stolen items. This is because when a magic item is registered to be a stolen item in the merchant guild, it will be searched using the search magic throughout the country by the magicians working in the castle.


When the stolen item is detected, it will be pursued by the magicians and knights from the castle throughout the country, so it is very bothersome thing to happen.


However, as a method to counter this, they dealt their goods in the wholesale market, since all the items traded there are judged to be inspected and so are exempt from having it search it with the magic.


Like this they successfully traded many of the stolen goods, however today an unexpected situation occurred.


That day, the usual subordinate who usually dealt with the transactions with the fox family was absent so a new guy went to the hidden location and waited for the fox family to get in touch with him.

The Fox family weren’t notified of the change in the personel so they weren’t able to get in touch with the subordinate of the .

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