Chapter 42 for Laid-Back Hero


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The Golden Fox swinged the demonic suction gourd after absorbing Varissa.


“Even though you’re a lowly human, you can be useful in becoming a sacrifice to help us in destroying the Demon King”


*Kusu Kusu*


The silver fox looked at gold fox for a while and returned her gaze back to Uliminus.


“Now, give me that fan back to us kon, I might spare your life. I’m sure you don’t want to become like….”


Before she could finish her sentence, both of the foxes fell unconscious.


...wha, what happened kokon


Silver woke up from what seemed to be an eternal sleep and looked around, only to find the gold fox lying next to her. From the looks of it she determined she was right outside of the store


Gozaru came out of the store, seemingly in sync with their awake.


It happened, in a matter of millisecond after the silver fox extended her arms demanding the fan, Gozaru, with his invincible speed appeared in front of them in an instant and then punched them to oblivion, blasting them to outside.


“, a mere human shouldn’t have this kind of power kon, tell me your name kon”


Gold fox shouted in anger and pointed the demonic suction gourd against Gozaru


Uliminus was looking at the scene from the sideline, in her shop , and she was ridiculing them in her head.


...Idiotic move nya...Only special idiots would fall for that trick nya, especially after seeing what they did already once…


“It’s Gozaru”


...The special idiot is this guy nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


The gold fox with her demonic sunction gourd smiled suspiciously.

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