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….Princess Queen’s Office room in cryload castle


Princes Queen was frowning as she looked at the region’s report.


She already knew that the perpetrator regarding the incident in which a group intruded the castle’s treasury was the former king, plus the guy who they captured spilt the beans, further confirming her speculation.


However, this problem is tricky to deal with since they can’t just announce to the public that the member of the Royal family is a criminal, since she herself, is of the same family.


Thus, the queen ordered a secret mission to capture the former king and his little organization, and think of the punishment later on.


Unfortunately, the former king has already suspected such move by the castle, hence, they’ve delved deeper into the depths hidden from the eyes of the queen’s force, and continued their evil businesses.


This family’s conflict now spans the entire continent. a certain building’s room.


“You’re quite good to be able to find this place”


Former king praised the chief foxes who came by themselves to his secret banker, while sitting on his make do throne.


“Well, we have many ways to pinpoint your location kon”


“So keep this in mind whenever you feel like betraying us kokon”


Gold and silver fox sister walked to his side and started laughing. *kusu kusu*.


“...What is your business here? I’m sure you didn’t come here for a chit chat”

Former king clicked his tongues and looked irritatingly at the two.

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