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A little while ago in the CryRoad Castle


“Is that true!?”


The guard captain rushed to this room as soon as he heard the report from the castle’s mage.


“There is no mistake! The search magic located the magic item that was stolen from the castle few days ago”


A real time map spanning the entirety of the country was displayed in the crystal the magician was holding, and inside this map a green point could be seen moving.


“Where is the location?”


“It is moving to the east from the castle. Seeing it’s speed it must be moving by a carriage or something”


“Currently, they are on the Houtarou town’s route, but that’s as long as they don’t change their way. Alright, we will pursue them this instant! Request the reinforcement from the order of knights! We must capture the bandits and retrieve the treasure!”


The guard captain was responsible for the security around the castle’s treasury, during the incident night. Thus, the success of the banditry, is his biggest shame and failure as a guard. Hence, he can’t face yet another failure or he will lose all the remaining face, and maybe even lead to him losing his job.


“We must avenge them for our failure! There can be no mistake this time, this is our last straw!!”


...At present: houtarou town Miscellaneous store, Yugo


“Everyone inside the store stop moving!”


The guard captain shouted as soon as he entered the store while looking and scanning the surrounding.


“Yes yes, I won’t move nya. So what is your business here nya?”


Uliminus showed her usual fake smile, but with a lot more power than usual, while sitting leisurely on the counter chair and asked the guard captain in a friendly manner.


“You the owner of this store I will have to ask for your cooperation. Workers line up over there!. Until the suspicion is cleared, every customer must remain and be investigated”


The guard captain shouted several orders to the people in the store, the people in the store complied with the command, four random customers followed through despite being confused at the sudden turn of event.


“Now, mrs Owner. Confess on your crime, if you do so without resistance, we won’t have to dirty our hands. Where is the treasure you stole from the castle?”


The guard captain ordered Uliminus to confess of her crimes in an overbearing manner, insinuating their belief that she is the true criminal


The guards surrounding Uliminus, took an attacking stance, ready to strike at any given moment.


“Guard captain, isn’t this a bit too rude? Without even verifying whether we have the so called treasure from the castle, you came to a conclusion that we are the criminal!?”


Varissa angrily argued against their current treatment as a criminal, while having her arms crossed.


“Our, magician from the castle have already confirmed that the treasure is at this shop, through highly powerful search magic! There is no evidence greater than this!”


The guard captain shouted in confidence as he banged on the table. Against this, Varissa were angered to the point she was ready to jump on him at any moment.


“Calm down, both of you, stop being so emotional”


Out of nowhere, Furio appeared giving off a nonchalant feeling.


“Na!? You! How in the world did you enter here!?”


Around the shop and Uliminus, 3 line of knights in their formation surrounding these two, existed. The defence were so tight, not even a cat would be able to pass through.


Thus against Furio who went against all the odds, appearing inside this tightly protected area, the Guard captain and the knights were greatly confused.


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