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Inside the Yugo store


“You, is there no mistake that thing is setting off the alarm? Is there no mistake that that sword hanging on the wall is being detected as a stolen item.”


The guard captain, continued confirm whether this item was the right item to the magician, while his entire body drenched with sweat.


“Yes, there shouldn’t be any mistake, My crystal is pointing at that sword….”


The magician couldn’t hide his panic-stricken face as he intensely looked at his crystal making sure he didn’t make any mistake.


“Thi, this sword is a stolen item! Tell me how you got it!”


The captain realized that if this was showing a stolen item’s reaction, than it must be a stolen item, hence he questioned Uliminus.


True this is not the item we are searching for, but there is no doubt that this item is a stolen item, then it must be stolen from the castle!


“Here nya”


Uliminus with her business smile gave the captain, a document


“Th...this is!?”


The Captain turned all blue after reading through the document.


“This treasure, the Flame Sword, will be gifted to Uliminus who has worked great merit for the kingdom of Cryroad.


~First Imperial Princess”


The document contained her highness’s signature and was engraved with the kingdom’s special seal coated with magic, making this a perfect evidence for their innocence.


“After analyzing it with the magic, there can be no doubt, this is real. It also has no problem with the written record”

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