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“What did you say! Is that true!”


The queen shouted in surprise and were greatly overjoyed at the report brought by the magician.


“Yes, your highness! WE were able to locate the flame shield that were stolen from the treasury in the former king’s raid. Currently, the Guard Captain went out to retrieve it”


She utilized many methods and frantically searched for any clue on the whereabouts of the treasures but failed at every search. Hence, She clasped her hands together in prayer in elation hearing the news.


“Where did you locate it? Did you find theses bandits hidden base too?”


“I’ve already contacted the mage who went along with the guard captain, I should receive the message any time.”


Soon after,


“I’ve received the message, according to them the enemy’s base is hidden behind the Miscellaneous store called Yugo in Houtarou town and”


“Wha..what did you just say!!”


The queen interrupted the mage’s speech as she screamed in astonishment.


The information in regards to the shop is known, only to the closest personnel of the castle, so of course they wouldn’t know of it.


She also knew that Uliminus who has helped her in number of occasions wouldn’t suddenly support the former king as she knew better. Without a doubt, this must’ve been either a mistake or that Uliminus was being framed by someone with a malicious intent.


Princess once again prayed to the gods in the sky, however this time with despair written all over her face.


“I will tell you about it later. For now, bring the magician specialized in teleportation to here right now! I will meet face to face with the people involved”


“Wha, what!? There is absolutely no need for someone of your standing to meet with a commoner, I’m sure the guard captain is able enough to capture the group without..”


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