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“You’ve completed the preparation right?”


The former king questioned his subject while sitting on his make do throne as usual.


“Yes your highness, the only thing missing is the chair sir is sitting on”


The former king stood up feeling satisfied at the efficiency of his subordinate and nodded in approval.


The one who answered the question, called 3 other people and proceeded to transport the chair.


“That brat of mine reached there in time”


The former king clicked hi tongue in anger, as he watched the situation play out in the Houtarou Town that was projected through the crystal he was holding.


“The smartest thing in a tight situation is to beat a retreat”


Leaving this proverb behind, he left the room.




The Gold and Silver fox desperately escaped from the Former Demon King, Gaul in his true form.


However, contrary to the foxes’ desperation, Gaul stood there and saw them off. Then, crackled his fist and started walking leisurely.


...With that speed, he won’t catch up to us kon..


Gold fox felt relieved at the speed Gozaru was chasing them, however, continue to accelerate at a greater pace.


Unfortunately for her, in the next moment, a shadow could be seen blocking her way.


“I won’t let you little bastards run away”


The man grabbed her head and slammed it to the ground. A normal human would find it hard to even see the speeding foxes, but, this man grabbed the fox’s head in 100% accuracy as he smashed it to the ground with an immense strength.


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