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Demon King Yuiguard was unlike Gaul, elected or were favored to dethrone Gaul. However, as of currently his standing in the castle could be said to be unstable.


Firstly, he attained his current rank without actually defeating the former demon king Gaul, hence creating the situation where, even though the subjects swore their royalty, many doesn't believe in his ability. The fox incident that occurred in the Houtarou town, could be said to be a best representative of his subject not believing him to be the true demon king, since the gold and silver fox who were the chief of the west, disappeared from their position without informing the king.


This further derived the already meagre trust and actual loyalty to the current Demon king. Hence, Yuiguard were pushed to hasten the war, leading to the current day, where the army received it worst defeat in its history.


The disapproval against Yuiguard heightened, where now many of the subjects of the king, stopped hiding their obvious disregard and discontent against Yuiguard, many showing it through ignoring the orders and missions issued by the king.


The trinity gods were the very foundation of the demon king’s army and acted as the essential pillars supporting the activities and management of the army.


The trinity gods consists of Snake Queen YoruMeet, Death Horse Slape, and the Double headed bird, Fugy-Bugy.


These three also held the king to low regard, unfortunately for them, they played an important role in causing Gaul to abdicate the throne, hence the current situation stands as it is, since their not really able to significant move against the king despite their great interest to do so.


Currently, Slape, were overseeing the protection of the Eastern region. He used to be an leader sort of figure among the trinity gods, clamoring towards his experience as the eldest. Contrary, to the lofty position he was in, the him right now was in one of the lowest position among the trinity gods, because they made him the scapegoat on their failure to straighten up Gaul and unexpectedly allowed Yuiguard to ascend to the throne.


Therefore, as soon as he came back from the Hot Spring trip he hoped to isolate himself inside the castle. His high perception and strength has already allowed him to notice the change in attitude among not only the trinity gods but other subordinates in the castle, thus, he requested for relocation and overseeing of the East to the Demon king.


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