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Demon King Yuiguard’s eyes widened at Fufun’s report.


“Yes, sir, there should be no mistake. On the investigation of the previously detected unique mana pool, we found a tower with Evil god’s emblem engraved on it.”


Fufun, the succubus, reported this while on her knees.

“We deduced that the tower that is being built in sir’s territory, is very powerful in gathering mana and it has already amassed immeasurable amount of mana.”


“Fucking, evil god… the only god I actually believed and prayed for is in my world trying to conquer it.. For fucks sake...”


“Sir Yuiguard, what shall we do…?”






“Shut the hell up! I’m thinking right now! Leave!”


Yuiguard dismissed Fufun while looking as ponderous as ever.


Fufun left the room as instructed while looking slightly upset and disappointed.


..He didn’t hit me today…


These days, her thought was filled with strategies and tactics with a detailed plan on how she could receive Yuiguard’s tsukkomi.


She has truly transformed into a hardcore masochist.




...what in the world is this?....


“Hawawaawa!? What is that stone tower? There are alot of it~~”


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