Chapter 51 for Laid-Back Hero


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Gurion, a summon demon, scrunched her eyebrows while she watched her swords that were thrown at Slape being parried out of nowhere.


“Mr Slape, please escape together with Bily to a safe location, I will deal with her”


“I am forever grateful for your help, Furio! I will come back as soon as possible!”


Slape disappeared into a faraway distance, escaping at light speed after bowing to Furio in gratitude.


Gurion smiled eerily while looking at Furio who became a hindrance in her killing Slape.


“Ara? My prey escaped because of you, so are you ready to replace him as a sacrifice?”


She pulled the sword from the ground through her mana and pointed it at Furio, whilst smacking her lips in delight.


However, Furio nonchalantly smiled seemingly without any care for what was about to happen to him and shrugged.


“I don’t know if I want to be replacing them, you know, I’m just a commoner trying to live a simple life so I hope you leave us be”



At first she thought of going to the rescue by herself but,


...Slape is actually in trouble to the point he actually sent a message to me nya The fact that Bily whose with him may slow him down and not allow him to exert his true strength, Slape himself is incredibly powerful so my strength that’s weaker than him wont be of any help nya….


With this thought process she sent a help telepathy to Furio who were out to get supplies and Gozaru who were out with Varissa.


She received Furio’s reply but not Gozaru’s.


...I must interrogate them when they get back nya….


Uliminus’s eyes were filled with fury, and were determined to get behind Gozaru’s absence.

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