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...How...How did I fall to such height….


The direct subordinate of the Evil God, Gurion was currently running in the forest with a pale blue face.


She couldn’t fly even if she wanted to, due to the fact that she used up all her mana reserve in trying to preserve her life.


...why..why did this happen….?


Gurion recalled the events leading up to the current her desperation.




“For now our opponents has been decided right?”


As they were currently in a 4 vs 4 situation, everyone has at least one person to fight against.


Death Horse, Slape vs Evil God Devil Horse, Burion


Gozaru vs Evil God Beast Warrior, Zokurion


Hiya vs Evil God Grand Magician Mahorion


Finally, Furio vs Summoning Devil Gurion


The party moved away from each other, in effort to space out their fights so there won’t be a collateral damage or hinder each other.l


….Slape’s battle…


“You’re quite good for a senile horse”


Burion swung his axe against Slape multiple times, but Slape dodged it all in a smooth and clean manner, with none even scratching him.


“If you keep on running from the fight, you won’t have a chance against me you know?”


Burion continued swinging his axe feeling annoyed at Slape who kept on dodging without showing any sign of stopping.

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