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Few days has passed ever since their battle with Gurion.


During the battle, I managed to acquire what I thought would be, every evil magic Gurion knew, but, for some unknown reason, what I actually acquired was every evil magic in the existence. Not only that, but a new category of magic called ‘Holy Magic’ were unlocked and every single type of it were also acquired.


I was racking my brain trying to understand this mysterious occurrence. On top of it, despite me not finishing her off, I received the “The one who defeated Evil God” title in my status.


The one who cleared up this confusion was none other than the sovereign of light and darkness, Furio’s slave and a the same time the researcher….Hiya’s name has truly grown to a quite size just like Gozaru said.


According to her, “the reason the supreme one was able acquire evil magic is because sir battled the one who wields Evil magic and the fact that the supreme one wields the historically impossible to obtain, the Magic Mastery: Systemic Connection, highest grade, allowing you to attain both evil and holy magic. Holy magic is added because it's the direct opposite, the yin of the yang of the evil magic, therefore it was automatically added to sir’s status ”


“In regards to the “The one who defeated Evil God”, in it's full name “The one who defeated or killed the evil god himself or the direct subordinate of evil god.” Thus, sir, despite allowing Gurion, to escape, at the moment she decided to escape, she admitted on her defeat and therefor you’ve met the right conditions to obtain the title”


I was convinced at the logical and rational explanation by her, oh well, to me a mere merchant, its a bit difficult talking about these kinds of things.


However, Hiya wasn’t convinced at this thought as she tilted her head in confusion.


“...The supreme one let her go, therefore the supreme one should’ve gotten a normal title like “The one who overwhelms Evil god” or “The one who dances with Evil God”....the title would fit, if she was killed while on the run, which will lead to everyone who contributed to killing her would receive “The one who defeats Evil god”...”




In the entrance of the Yugo store, the signboard saying “Temporary closed” hanging on its door.


Inside the store, Gozaru and Varissa could be seen sitting on their knees.

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