Chapter 54 for Laid-Back Hero


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“You’re saying Gurion’s life signal disappeared?”


“Yeah, few days after she visited this world, it disappeared”


“Whatever, she was the weakest direct subordinate of the Evil God”


“I assume, you’ve already prepared a replacement right?”


“Yup, that muscle freak should be preparing for departure”


“That guy? You know, with his pea sized brain, he might actually destroy the world rather than conquering it? Did he already leave for the world?”


“Nah, they told me that the gate isn’t linking up for some reason”


“Oh well, its probably just another spacetime disruption. What’s more important is the fact that despite Gurion being the weakest of the direct subordinates, she was defeated”


“I’m confident there shouldn’t be any one that powerful in that minor world”


“Even if there were, we can just search for the “the one who defeats evil god” and kill him”






“Sir Blonde haired hero? Did something happen, you’ve been sneezing quite a lot today”


“No clue, maybe someone is gossiping about me”


“Is that so…. Oh right, that weird pattern reappeared again desu~”


“Didn’t I tell you to erase it, you must’ve forgotten to do it”


“Eeee? I definitely erased it though….”


“Just go erase it again, and go draw some water from the well, while you’re at it”



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