Chapter 55 for Laid-Back Hero


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Lys advanced toward Furio, who just came back from helping Uliminus and her shop, Yugo, and took Furio’s belongings.


“Husband, I have important stuff to talk about before dinner...”


Lys, then smiled deviously.


Furio was taken back by her smile, her smile got bigger as soon as she looked away from Furio.


“Alright, what is it?”


It was Furio’s style to always listen to what someone has to say before taking action.



He learned from Lys that

  • A young man came seeking for Brossam

  • The young man is in love with Brossam

  • Lys needs my help to get them together


…I may be terrible at this romance kind of stuff, but for now the least I could do is listen to Brossam’s feeling and what she has to say about dating the young man…


“Master...I would like a moment with you please...”


Brossam, who looked worn out came to me and sought for consultation with me. Without a doubt, her current state is due to what Lys came to talk to me about, since she is usually a very energetic person.


“Alright, what is it?”


He learned from Brossam that

  • A young man came seeking for the dragon slayer, meaning herself

  • This very young man wishes to marry the dragon slayer

  • How should she go about declining him without hurting the young man?


..Lys wants them together, but Brossam wishes to reject...what am I supposed to do in a situation like this?...Things like love places greater emphasis on the person, in this case Brossam and her feelings, but, she is also young….


In front of Furio, who was walking in the corridor, Varissa came beckoning for him to come.

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