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The young knight with a wishful thought of being able to marry the female warrior who defeated the dragon and earned the Dragon slayer title.


Brossam had the contact info of this young knight and thus she contacted him.


“You should wear cuter outfit, something more befitting for such an occasion!”


Lys stood next to Brossam as she looked restless, as if she could jump on her at any given moment, if she is called for, by Brossam herself. This was because, Furio convinced her to leave the stage since, “This is about Brossam, and let her navigate her love life on her own, since she said she would talk it out herself.”


Thus, seeing Lys who was ready to support Brossam at any point of time, Furio couldn’t rest still and had to be kept on guard at all time.


“U..U, umm ummm, did you find the dragon slayer!”


The young man approached Brossam with a bright smile.


It looked as though, he was really happy, by the fact that he was contacted this early on, as his breathing were ragged and he lowered his shoulders while touching his knees with his palm, making it obvious that he came here running from the inn.


Against such an oblivious young knight, Brossam bitterly smiled, then pushed the hoe to him.


“Oh well, for now, you should help me out”




Brossam dragged the confused young knight, seemingly clueless in what was happening.


“You, go dig and form the ridge from here to over there.”


“Eh? A? Um? I have no clue what’s happening...”


“Shut it, get to work”


“Ye, Yes mam!”

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