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Furio’s group were smiling stiffly as they stood in front of Varissa’s family, who came by Bily’s carriage from the inn in Houtarou town.


In front of them, Varissa’s father and the women he will marry, and her three son were standing there.


Varissa’s father, a former noble, stripped off of his noble status becoming what people call a fallen noble, is currently working as a mercenary for the castle’s Order of Knights and is earning his living there.


The women the father is planning to marry, is also a fallen noble just like him, however, she became one, due to her husband’s untimely death. Currently, she is living a rather well off lifestyle with slight extravagance thanks to her clan’s help.


She fell in love with Varissa’s father when she saw him patrolling the city, it was a love at the first sight. She asked him out here and then for a date, and soon reached their current point, where they planned to marry each other.


This whole ordeal wasn’t the surprising aspect in their forthcoming, rather what truly surprised them was the woman’s son. Her son, was the very young knight who visited Brossam and worked an entire day farming.


Young knight was similarly surprised as “U,Um...perhaps Brossam will become my step sister?.....” he muttered under his breath as if he was on the verge of breaking down, but after hearing that Varissa was the one who will be his step sister, he sighed out of relief.


In truth, Varissa has yet to report on her marriage with Gaul at this point of time and was feeling anxious and nervous, as she planned to tell her dad about the marriage after hearing her dad out for his marriage…


...calm, calm down...calm down me...


She felt as if she was going to explode from all the pressure and anxiety that flooded her emotion.


“Hahaha, I have no words of gratitude for always caring for my daughter”


“No, no, We are also being cared for by your great daughter”

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