Chapter 1 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city

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It has been over 2 decades, ever since I’ve established myself as an adventurer.

Despite the adventurer's alias, “those who chase dream eternally”, the actual term of active service is relatively short. What do you expect, your selling your body for the work. As an adventurer you go subjugating, demons or bandits, searching for treasures in the dungeon. These kind of dangerous jobs, where you can lose your life anytime, becomes difficult as you age.

Successful ones are those who saved their earning in their early days and enters an early retirement. Those who couldn’t, would live paycheck to paycheck, risking their lives everyday for their entire life.

Of course, me, who’s still an adventurer at 35, is the latter of the two. After twenty years of being an adventurer, I’m still ranked D, a rank 2nd from the bottom. Even if I were to search through my entire belonging, I won’t even find enough money to retire.

At this point of time, I just can’t find a new job, and there is no place for me in my hometown located in the countryside.  In the first place, I became an adventurer because I couldn’t inherit the farming land in regards to the fact that I’m a second oldest son of the house.

To be frank, I’m at a point of time, where I live only to age.

But, nothing could be done being whiny. Plus, as long as you live to your fullest, sometimes a good thing may happen.

“According to the appraisal result, this Magic Stone is worth 30 Gold Coin”

Reception lady at Adventurer guild smiled as she said so. My fist sized red magic stone laid on the counter. Magic Stone is a crystalized mana born out of dead magical beasts. It is most found in the places like dungeons with high mana concentration, and is used as a catalyst for magic and alchemy.

These stones are an important pay out for me who don’t have as much stamina as I used to. That’s why I’m used to collecting and cashing it but….

“30 Gold Coins!?”

I shouted unconsciously due to the surprising price named by the guild. Yeah, to a certain extent, this rock is relatively bigger, and the colour is beautiful. However, for it to get a 30 gold coin extraordinary.

“Right..Was it not to your liking? But, according to today’s rate….”

“No, I’m very satisfied! Please cash it out immediately!”

As I consented on the trade, receptionist girl smiled and nodded and brought out the gold coins and leather bag.

“This is the money for purchasing the item. Please receive it”

The leather bag that I received, were scarily heavy. It’s my first time in my entire life to hold onto a leather bag filled with gold coin. Usually I only receive at most 3 silver coins for the entire day of work. With the current rate of coin price, thirty silver is roughly equal to one gold, so to think I’ve earned 300 times the usual earning in a day, is astounding.

(This is amazing, the happiness is making my heart pound)

With 30 gold coins, I would be able to buy and replace these shabby sword, shield and even my leather armour. Equipment to an adventurer is a life line. I was always feeling uneasy, but with this I can finally feel at rest. Even after buying all that, I will still have enough to live for half a year without having to work.

I truly is a gift sent from heaven.

(Thank you God!)

I left for the pub as I hopped out of the Adventurer’s guild. It wouldn’t be so bad to celebrate the day with great feast and drink for a celebratory day like this. While I was walking with warm bosom and great feeling, some stranger blocked the way, out of nowhere.

“Oh? Do you have any business with me?”

It was a young girl wearing hood, hiding her entirely of head. Her slanted eyes gave her a rather cute build. But, she ain’t a human. Her hood has a bump, seemingly from her beastly ears. Beast man… I knew instantly that she was a feline girl from her cat like facial feature.

“What is it? I won’t know what's up with you being quiet like that”

“Um, that….”


“I, I hope you can spare me some money? ”

“Tch, I knew it was just some beggar. If you want some money, go ask someone who actually look like they have money. Now, stop blocking the road”

“Pl, Please wait!!”

The young girl pulled  my hand that was trying to move her. This made me nearly fall as i lost balance, and made me irritated.

“What the hell are you doing! Take your hands off me!”

“I, I’m sorry! But, I really need the money!”

“Ha? So what?”

“Please I beg you! I will do anything!”

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