Chapter 12 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city





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“My house?”


Sena tilted her head as she looked blankly at me.


“Since it's a rare occasion, I thought eating together won’t be that bad. Is it fine with you?”


When I asked it once more, this time Sena showed hesitation.


“But, my house is not somewhere you can rest comfortably, you know? It’s not even a proper house. My sister would be there too”


“I don’t mind it. Despite my looks, I’m an adventurer. Small things like that won’t affect me.”


“...I see. I understand! Then, please follow me!”


Sena said so while smiling and started walking after placing the dismantled rock boar meat inside her large back.


Somehow, I was able to obtain an invitation to her house without her feeling suspicious. If I make a contact with her little sister, I might be able to understand about her sister’s condition.


While I was thinking, Balaina flew her telepathic message that was introduced by Toyokumo towards me.


“Are you planning to save Sena’s sister?”


“Yeah, If I can. Was that bad?”


“It’s not bad but, with your current items in hand you won’t be able to heal her”


“I know that. That’s why I will bring Toyokumo and heal her”


“How will you explain the circumstance to her? ”


“I will try to talk her into understanding my situation”


“I thought you didn’t want anyone else riding Toyokumo?”

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