Chapter 3 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city

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“Leviathan” a hyper gigantic monster that inhabits deep seas. Also known as “Whale”. I haven’t seen an actual whale in my life, but that object looked awfully similar to the one depicted in the drawings.

It has two fins on its chest area and as a tail, just like any other fish, it's stomach bloated in a rather oval shape with stripes lining from chest area to it's tai8l, it displays it's grandeur unlike other fishes.

Yup, definitely a whale. But, what is a whale doing here? This place is quite a distance away from the sea. It's not like it walked all the way here. I don’t really understand, but I couldn’t help but feel curious. I decided to temporarily stop going outside the dungeon, and approached the whale.

When you look at it up close, it's as expected, humongous. Too huge. It's large to the point you can probably create a town on its back. The surface is white and smooth, making one wonder if it has fossilised. I realised one thing after circling around while observing it.

“Eh, why is there an entrance?”

It was located in the blowhole, right on the head of the whale. It is said to allow whales to splash water. It was not a spherical hole as depicted but a round door with a knob.

“Is this not a whale, but rather a ship?”

But, this kind of giant ship is impossible to be built with the current human.  Than, it must be built during the mythical age of gods without a doubt. To the revealed truth, my curiosity grew.

“Alright! Lets enter it!”

The door seemed to be secured with heavy security, but fortunately, or so I might say, currently my body doesn’t have a material body, therefore can enter through basically anything. The insides were dark since the light from the magic stone doesn’t reach here. However, I can feel what and where the things are. This must be one of the abilities of the ghost.

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