Chapter 9 of The Flying Whale’s Builds city





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“I want to eat a meat!”


AFter the dragon attack incident, I opened up about what I was feeling. Against my proclamation, Balaina looked death cold at me as she gobbled down on the dog food.


“What’s with the look!”




“Come on, are you ignoring me now, Balaina?”


“...Gobble...please...don’ to me when I’m eating”


“Umm, I’m sorry”


This mongrel that is a support ai is becoming arrogant as days go by. Maybe it's time for me to set the hierarchy in this place. Oh well, this is not the most important thing to do as of right now. I don’t care about this mongrel. What’s really important is that I want to eat meat!


First of all, I was supposed to be able to enjoy the cloud fish, famed to be amazingly delicious, but, that crappy dragon interrupted with it's Breathe, that drove away the fishes. Even the surrounding fishes not limited to the one I caught seemed to have swam away in fright. That’s why I couldn’t even catch a single fish and is forced to eat dog food.


I was watching a cooking themed hologram movie, and then out of nowhere, a supremely delicious looking steak came on. A beautiful ruby colored lean meat were being grilled making juicy sound. Just looking at it made me imagine the taste spreading in my mouth.


Unn, not good. Just thinking about it is making my stomach rumble. Anyhow, I knew I absolutely needed to eat the meat when I laid my eyes on it. However, there is no cattle in this ship that will grant me some great meat. Then, you might ask what should I do? The answer is simple. It’s hunting! I should descend to the ground and hunt!


Deciding so, I prepped for the necessary procedures in haste. First, close quarter weapon. I found this inside the ship. A hand gun, Photon repulser is what I will use. I will use high frequency knife for dismantling the meant.


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