Chapter 13

Dongfang Hao Ye took Xiao Dong wandering around the bustling streets of Yao Jing.


Today, the servant maids of the Wangfu had been collecting his old clothes and found a piece of paper from one of its pocket, because they didn't know what the paper was for, they asked his advice.


Dongfang Hao Ye saw the words, "Yinxing Street, eastern corner, Liu Family Shop"; tilting his head he pondered, and then remembered that this was the address left by Yang Qing Yi.


These past days he had no time, but remembering that he'd shared a path with that Yang Qing Yi, he then came up with the idea to take a stroll and see him.


Ming and Wen Countries were located in one big country land, coexisted peacefully for more than two decades by helping each other with government and military strength. At this time, Ming's troubles came from within it as Lingzhou rebelled. However Yaojing was not affected by the war, it was still very lively and prosperous.


Ming Country stretched from the lands of Fan on the north to the west of Lingzu, its people's cultural atmosphere was very open, and the national ideology was liberal. As a capital of a country, Yaojing was always prospering. Even in this period of tension, the market was still very lively and streets were crowded, maybe because the new year was approaching.


Walking along the streets, Dongfang Hao Ye could not help being excited. Growing up, he was always locked up inside the Palace, with the occasional permission to slip out. Later he was titled a Wangye, but was dumped with many duties so he had very little time to go shopping. So at this time, he was like a bird out of its cage, and was excited to fly.


He bought a pile of candies, chestnuts, rice cakes, and other snacks. Xiao Wangye was enjoying himself. Xiao Dong looked that both Xiao Wangye's hands were full of stuff; he sighed.


The wandered all over the streets and eventually came to the Yinxing Street. Liu Family Shop was actually a pharmacy shop; it was not big but when Dongfang Hao Ye asked, people immediately told him.


As soon as the two entered the door, they could smell the faint scent of medicinal herbs. Inside the shop was dim, quiet and looked ancient.


The shopkeeper welcomed them and asked, "Is this Master looking for some medicine?"


Xiao Wangye quickly swallowed the candy in his mouth, said, "I came to find someone."


"We have a small number of staff here, who is it that you're looking for?"


"I'm looking for Yang Qing Yi."


The shopkeeper glanced at him politely, and said, "Qing Yi is not here at the moment. Would you tell me who you are, so I can tell him when he's back?"


Dongfang Hao Ye frowned, hesitating to tell him his name. Suddenly a clear voice came from behind him.


"Old Zhao, I asked Brother Yang to give me some prescription some time ago. Is it done?" A man of teen-age opened the curtain and walked in.


Xiao Wangye's eyes brightened, this little shop seemed to be shrouded in lights all of a sudden.


The young man was not yet adult, only looked about nineteen or eighteen. He was wearing an ordinary light blue robe with a long coat, without a lined jacket.


He was very handsome, built, tall, his posturing straight, and full of youthfulness. He had a pair of dark and smart-looking eyes, and his smiling lips made him look friendly.


Dongfang Hao Ye didn't know why, but when he saw him he had a good impression of the man, and couldn't help staring.


"Young Master Yan, it's already prepared and waiting for you to pick it up." The shopkeeper said. Then he returned to the counter, took out a packet of medicine and handed it to the boy, "You didn't come to the shop these days, the medicine was left here and would be forgotten."


The teenager grinned, "Are you saying I'm forgetful?"


The shopkeeper laughed, "You misunderstood. Your memory is naturally good. I was talking about myself. This old man is getting older and my memory is getting worse. In another year or two, this pharmacy shop will have to replace the shopkeeper."


The teenager smiled, "You're hale and healthy, looking like still in the prime of your life, you're too modest."


"That's a saying for you, Young Master Yan."


Xiao Wangye had been listening to their conversation from the side while staring intently at the teenager. The teenager seemed to feel the gaze, he turned his head and smiled.


Dongfang Hao Ye thought that the smile looked a bit familiar, but he could not remember where he'd seen it before. He couldn't help wanting to come forward and greeted the teenager, but he couldn't find what to say. Still holding his pile of snacks, he thought about it.


But then the teenager turned to him and took the initiative to join him, "Buying medicine?"


Xiao Wangye quickly said, "No, I came to find someone." Then he remembered the teenager had mentioned Brother Yang just moment ago, and asked, "I came to find Yang Qing Yi, do you know him?"


The teenager nodded, "You are a friend of Brother Yang?"


"I am."


"You're timing is not good, Brother Yang is not here."


"I know, the shopkeeper told me just now." Dongfang Hao Ye wanted to salute with his hands, only to find that both were full of foods, he grumbled and said, "My name is Fang Hao; Fang of Dongfang [means eastern], Hao of clear sky [clear sky is 'hao tian', 'hao' also means vast.]. May I ask your name?"


The teenager watched him with his bright and dark star-like eyes. He paused a moment then said with a smile, "I am Yan Zi Xing."


"Yan Zi Xing, what a nice name."


[Google translated his name as 'the word stars'. ]


Xiao Wangye was good in conversing with people; they quickly became familiar with each other and chatted.


When they were aware that they were of similar age, they conversed even more agreeably and even spent the entire afternoon talking. Xiao Wangye returned to Beitang Wangfu as it was already dark.


"Were you having a good afternoon?" When he entered the bedroom, Beitang Yao Yue asked as he was wearing a loose coat.


"Yes. Yaojing is so lively." Xiao Wangye jumped up to the bed and help warmed the blanket for Beitang Yao Yue. He also quietly changed the two quilts with a big one.


When Beitang Yao Yue opened the bed curtain and saw the single bed, he paused and frowned.


Xiao Wangye happily lifted the quilt, "Come here. I've been outside for half a day, I'm very warm."


Beitang Yao Yue hesitated, then finally went to the bed wordlessly. Xiao Wangye quickly cover the quilt tightly around Yao Yue.


Beitang Yao Yue shifted a little to the edge of the bed. Then Dongfang Hao Ye shifted too.


Beitang Yao Yue shifted again, and Dongfang Hao Ye followed.


Beitang Yao Yue was annoyed, "Do you want me to fall?"


"No, no." Dongfang Hao Ye shifted to the other side, feeling wronged. It was not that he was a beastly tiger, why should he avoid him?


He wondered whether he had to change Yao Yue's bed, the narrower the better. Heheh...


Suddenly remembering the festive theme on the streets to welcome the New Year and Spring Fetival, Dongfang Hao Ye asked, "Yao Yue, the Spring Festival is coming, what's your plan for the Wangfu?"


"Unlike the previous years, now there are fewer people in the Wangfu. There's no need to do it."


"Then let me handle it." Dongfang Hao Ye said earnestly, "Because Sister and Brother-in-law are back, we must celebrate."


"Everytime you want to celebrate, you'll be adding trouble instead." Beitang Yao Yue glared at him, "Didn't you remember back at the Wen Country? Last year you bought a few thousand firecrackers, and lighted them from early of the First Month to the fifteenth day of the Last Month, people's ears must be quite shaken. I tell you, I won't let you do that kind of nonsense here."


[So, Hao Hao lighted fireworks, like, almost a whole year?]


"Hehehe, don't worry, don't worry. We won't use firecrackers this year, because we can't afford to scare the baby."


Dongfang Hao Ye reached out to touch Yao Yue's belly, and when Yao Yue didn't reject him, he cheered up and touched even bolder.


"Yao Yue, I'm accompanying you this new year here in Ming. Let's celebrate to welcome the new year."


Beitang Yao Yue thought for a moment, then said, "No, I can't let you."




Beitang Yao Yue didn't explain his reasons, he only said curtly, "No reasons."


"I say, Yao Yue. Do you dislike it so much?" Dongfang Hao Ye straightened up, couldn't help arguing, "Didn't you see the new year last year I did everything? It wasn't like Elder Brother who celebrated with some food and some drink, so boring.


"This year is my first time to celebrate here, and there are fewer people in Wangfu, but there are still you and me, isn't that something to be happy for, too? I will definitely make you happy."


Beitang Yao Yue said, "The new year has always been for the whole family to gather together, not a chance for you to play tricks."


Dongfang Hao Ye was upset. The fancy fireworks last year was him trying to curry Beitang Yao Yue's favor, he'd spent a great deal of expenses to specially invite the most famous firework master from the southwest. But the result, Yao Yue disdained it.


"Yao Yue, if you celebrate the new year the same way every year, won't you be bored?"


Beitang Yao Yue lightly said, "What do you mean the same way? No day is the same with another day. If you set mind to it, how would you feel bored?"


Dongfang Hao Ye shook his head, disbelieving "You mean, you like a boring new year?"


Beitang Yao Yue gave him a look, "Fool! Who likes a boring new year?"


"Oh!" Dongfang Hao Ye suddenly realized, "You like a complete family gathering?"


Beitang Yao Yue said nothing.


Dongfang Hao Ye understood, grinning he said, "I'm right. Fine, good thing I'm here, let's gather the family together, this new year the family will be complete."


Saying this, he reached out his hands and loosely circled Yao Yue's waist.


Beitang Yao Yue didn't push him away. Dongfang Hao Ye was a person who loved to help himself to every opening he found, should've never been given a nice look.


Beitang Yao Yue turned his back to Hao Ye and ignored him, but how would that ever stop Dongfang Hao Ye?


"Yao Yue, who is going to handle the new year affair in the Wangfu? Your Eldest Brother is not here, you don't like to handle this kind of thing. Your sister could do it, but she would have to visit her husband's family. Then it's you and me left."


Dongfang Hao Ye rubbed Yao Yue's ear, then rubbed again harder, "Let me do it, let me do it. Can I not do this little thing?


"Beside, you're usually too busy, don't have the time to accompany me. I'm alone in the Wangfu, I'm really bored. You can give me something to do. I've never spent the new year here in Yaojing. Also, I heard that your customs are not he same as ours. Yao Yue, Yao Yue..."


Eventually, Beitang Yao Yue could not stand up to Dongfang Hao Ye's determination. He thought, after all, it was not a big deal. He was usually so tired and irritated after each day working, when he was sleepy he only wanted to sleep.


Finally he complied, "Alright, I understand. Do as you want."


"Ouoh! Yao Yue, you're so kind!" Xiao Wangye happily hugged him and kissed him.


Beitang Yao Yue said impatiently, "Are you sleeping or not? If you're noisy, you better sleep in the guest room. Don't sleep in my bed."


"Yes, yes. I'm asleep." Dongfang Hao Ye hurriedly did as he said, lying down under the quilt he closed his eyes and concentrated to sleep.


Inwardly he was calculating, perhaps he could take advantage of the new year to make Yao Yue happy, and eventually found a way to reconcile with him. Counting the days, Yao Yue should be delivering around the fifth or sixth month next year.


Baby, grow up soon, so we can soon come back home. Hehehe, whether it'll be Xiao Yue or Xiao Hao baby, Yao Yue I'll bring you back to Wen!




Approaching the new year, the days seemed to come and pass very fast.


Xiao Wangye now completely treated the New Year as a major, important issue. He searched all over his brain everyday to find how to make Beitang Yao Yue happy.


Many of Ming Country's customs were not the same of that of Wen's. On the day of the new year, it was not necessary for the entire family to reunite. If there were relatives who could not go home, they could light an ice lantern to pray for blessing. Therefore, they did not regard family reunion as important, they mostly sought peace and health.


There were still seven to eight days to the new year, but Xiao Wangye had already starting the preparation.


In fact, the farms under Beitang Wang had already sent things, so Yao Yue had many more than he needed. But in this festive new year occasion, if he didn't personally prepare a gift, wouldn't it be boring?


Unfortunately, the general manager of Beitang Wangfu was too competent; people had already prepared things that needed to be prepared. From the ancestors' offerings to the necessities for the servants, all were already done. Xiao Wangye seemed to have nothing to worry about, so he concentrated on preparing gift for Beitang Yao Yue.


Originally, he brought a lot of things when he left Yujing of Wen Country, and it attracted robbers. Then Yunchu ran away with the carriage behind it. Dongfang Hao Ye became empty-handed.


Today, what he ate and what he used, were all Beitang Yao Yue's. Xiao Wangye felt it was pointless to take out his wife's money, so he used his own brain and planned to personally prepare a New Year gift.


Today he'd just returned from the outside, his cheeks were red and his nose was almost frozen. Then he saw a maid hastily running out from Hanqing Hall.


"What's wrong?" Dongfang Hao Ye asked.


The maid said, "Third Master fainted and said his abdomen was painful. The Chief Manager is afraid his baby was disturbed, so he sends me to go to the Palace to ask for a doctor."


"What?" Xiao Wangye ran into the room in panic and saw Beitang Yao Yue lying on the bed with a palce face.


"Yao Yue, are you okay? How come you fainted? Is your stomach hurt? Is it really painful? Is the baby disturbed? How come this happened, will the baby be fine? Your pregnancy is fine? Yao Yue..."


Beitang Yao Yue frowned, "Be quiet, I'm uncomfortable watching at you."


Dongfang Hao Ye quickly shut up, he knelt on the side of the bed, reached for his hand and didn't move.


After a while, a doctor came and check Yao Yue's pulse. It was true that Yao Yue was overworked and tiring the fetus, and was ordered to rest. He prescribed a bunch of medicine to prevent miscarriage, and spent half a day reminding him to take a rest.


Dongfang Hao Ye saw Beitang Yao Yue frowning with exhaustion, immediately waved his hand and let the Manager to send him out.


"Yao Yue, are you feeling better?"


After drinking medicine, Beitang Yao Yue's complexion was a little better, though still pale.


Dongfang Hao Ye was distressed, he touched Yao Yue's face and complained about that Beautiful Emperor.


Beitang Wangfu played a decisive role in Ming, and held many power, but these all were not Yao Yue's responsibility. He was nothing but a clean-hearted, idle son of the Wangfu. If the Emperor needed something, he should have found Beitang Wang, Beitang Yao Ri. Why troubling his beloved wife?


Dongfang Hao Ye put his hand on the quilt-covered belly of Yao Yue's, relieved, "Fortunately you and the baby are fine. In the future, you're not allowed to work too hard, you'll have to take a rest."


Beitang Yao Yue didn't reply, he only turned to the side to sleep.


Dongfang Hao Ye picked his nose in boredom, silently stayed beside the bed. After a long while, he heard Beitang Yao Yue's breathing gradually relaxed, and finally he let go of his anxiety.


This could not go on. In Yujing, when Yao Yue was taken by Fu Wang, he was so frightened and worried. Then when he saw Yao Yue misunderstood him, he let his wife go back to Ming Country. At first he thought Yao Yue would be able to rest and be at peace in Ming, but then somehow Beitang Wang went missing, and Yao Yue were burdened with many things and had exhausted himself.


"What news do Stone and Forest have?" Out of the Hanqing Hall, Dongfang Hao Ye went to the back garden with Xiao Dong; in there a thick layer of ice turned the beautiful pond into a big mirror.


Xiao Dong said in a low voice, "There is still no news."


"How can this be?" Dongfang Hao Ye kicked the stone near his foot impatiently.


"Beitang Yao Ri must be in the capital city, you order them to stick their head into the Palace and check carefully, especially observe the whereabouts of the Emperor of Ming."


Beitang Yao Hui was like a fish with Beitang Yao Ri as the water; without Beitang Yao Ri, he would not stay in Ming in times like this and went on as if nothing had happened.


Xiao Dong said, "Yes. This servant will let them check more carefully."


Dongfang Hao Ye sighed, "This cannot do. If you can't find Beitang Yao Ri, do you want to see Yao Yue collapse?"


Xiao Dong said, "This servant knows you are worried for Wangfei. If Beitang Wang doesn't come back soon, Wangfei would not let things off his hands. If he would not let things off his hands, Wangfei could not comfortably raise the baby. If you are worried, why not use the excuse of raising the child to take wangfei back home?"


"Huhu... Xiao Dongzi, have you ever been in love?" Dongfang Hao Ye sobbed while looking at Xiao Dong with teary eyes.


If things went on like this, he didn't know what year Yao Yue would go home with him.


Full of worries, Dongfang Hao Ye had to find a way...




Beitang Yao Yue slept peacefully for a whole day. Probably because he was tortured the first stage of his pregnancy, the fetus' growth rate was unstable. With hardship, the baby was finally saved, but he still didn't show other pregnancy symptoms. After being taken care of for many days, the fetus gradually became stronger. But this time, the fetus was disturbed, did it trigger many symptoms that had not shown up before?


Xiao Wangye worriedly said, "Yao Yue, eat a bit more."


"Don't want to eat." Beitang Yao Yue looked at the dishes; he was leaning against the pillow looking tired.


"The doctor said you are overworked, have difficulty eating and suffer anemia, how come you only eat a little. Here, eat a little more. At least drink this bowl of porridge."


With Xiao Wangye's coaxing, Beitang Yao Yue finally took the bowl and drank two sips. Xiao Wangye was about to feel happy, but then Yao Yue suddenly flew to the bed side to vomit the food out.


Xiao Wangye jumped, then he rushed to help pat his back, while Zhu Ruo and Hong Ju took a sandalwood box for him to vomit into.


"What's going on? He was fine but how come he suddenly throw up?"


Hong Ju said with red eyes, "Third Master had never vomit like this before."


Zhu Ruo hesitated, "Is it the symptoms of morning sickness?"


"How come he has morning sickness, he's almost over five months, what morning sickness!" Xiao Wangye saw Beitang Yao Yue vomiting painfully, his heart and liver were hurt.


It was not easy, but Beitang Yao Yue finally stopped vomiting. He glared at Dongfang Hao Ye for his angry words. Only his glare had no heat; his gaze was weak, with his long silky eyelashes; it was like a calm ripple on autumn water, like a weak and half-hearted anger of a gentle lover.


Xiao Wangye's heatrbeat grew quicker and his face became feverish. Afraid Yao Yue would see his awkward expression, he quickly helped Yao Yue up and rubbed his chest, "Are you better? Shall we call the doctor to examine you again?"


Beitang Yao Yue shook his head, "A pregnant male is rare. Also the doctor often works in the Palace, all day long examining many people's illnesses, it's not easy for him to come here."


"Then what should we do? Sister-in-law is not here, or we can ask the Emperor..."


"It's only a mere little thing, don't need to trouble the Emperor."


"But I can't rest assured seeing you like this. How come you suddenly vomit? Hong Ju said you've never had a situation like this."


"It's nothing. Don't make a fuss."


"Yao Yue..."


"Enough, I'm tired. Let the matters down, I want to rest."


Helpless, Dongfang Hao Ye had no choice other than stop mentioning it.


In the evening, Beitang Yao Yue slept fitfully. In the middle of the night, he even started to cold-sweat. Xiao Wangye touched Yao Yue under the quilt and found that his temperature was low but his clothes were damp.


Xiao Wangye jumped out of the bed, he ordered people to find a clean and unlined clothes, then to help him change Yao Yue's clothes.


Beitang Yao Yue felt weak, and he knew because his fetus was disturbed, he was not as strong as usual. So he stayed down as Hao Ye clumsily helped clean him, "I'm afraid, after awhile I'll be sweaty again."


"After changing your clothes, maybe you'll sleep more comfortably later, the night is still long." After Dongfang Hao Ye helped him lying down, he himself had sweated a bit; dropping the towel he climbed back into the bed and lie next to Yao Yue.


"Next time, let the servants do it, don't trouble yourself."


"No. I'll do it."


Although the new servant Xiao Wangye was not very good at it, he couldn't let people help with his beloved wife. Also inside Yao Yue's body was his own baby, only he could see and could touch Yao Yue. Other people shouldn't even think about it! Humph!




Although Beitang Yao Yue had a cold disposition, his temper was not easily irritated and not easily angered, and somehow Dongfang Hao Ye always felt that Yao Yue was particularly harsh on him; but Yao Yue's anger had never been this great, as of now.


"What. Did. You. Say?" Beitang Yao Yue stared coldly at Dongfang Hao Ye; the depth of his obsidian eyes seemed to be hiding fiery stars.


Dongfang Hao Ye shivered, unafraid he straightened his chest, "I say that the books and documents in your study were all packed, and I've let someone send them to the Emperor. Estimating the time, it's already been sent. Now your study is empty and bare, nothing is in it."


"You!" Beitang Yao Yue struggled for breath.


Xiao Wangye hurriedly said, "Yao Yue, don't be angry. He is the Emperor, they were all originally his responsibilities. Even if you want to help share his burden, you can't help him to this extent. Besides, even if Beitang Wang was here, the Emperor wouldn't make him do his task."


Speaking of the matter, Xiao Wangye didn't deny it.


Beitang Yao Yue's fetus was disturbed and he was not in good health. With his body not in proper condition, he could not afford to move around, so he had to lie in bed for two days. Then he was wondering about the matters inside the Wangfu.


Xiao Wangye was afraid Yao Yue would go to work again, so one morning he demanded to be led to the study room. With one glance, he saw that most of the things on the table were imperial court documents, aside from the Emperor, where else these things would come from?


Xiao Wangye was furious.


How come the Emperor this capricious? At times like these not only forgot to take care of his own younger brother, he also pushed these messy things to Yao Yue despite knowing that Yao Yue's health was not good. This kind of people was simply the biggest bastard!


Xiao Wangye didn't even check, he called the Chief Manager and ordered him to wrap the things in a bag and sealed it, then he himself wrote in a piece of paper, 'To the Beautiful Emperor' and let people send it to the Palace without a second delay. If the eyes didn't see, the heart naturally didn't grieve over it. It was done, once for all.


The strange thing was, although Dongfang Hao Ye had always been in somewhat a disagreement with the Chief Manager of Beitang Wangfu, the Chief Manager didn't even object this time. He still did not say a word, but his efficiency was superb.


Xiao Wangye had just said the words, when he turned back the table was empty and clean, leaving himself no chance to regret his own impulsive and misguided behavior.


The next few minutes, the Beautiful Emperor should have opened his eyes widely, seeing the first documents to discuss in the imperial court were wrapped in a bag.


But, of course Dongfang Hao Ye didn't completely regret it. For the sake of his beloved wife and the baby's future, he actually felt he had done a great job.


Only, seeing Beitang Yao Yue glaring at him, those hard and cold fire in Yao Yue's eyes, really made people's heart palpitating with eagerness...


Cough, cough! What am I thinking in time like this, huh? Xiao Wangye criticized himself.


He blinked, bit his lower lips, looking at Beitang Yao Yue with pitiful eyes, "The things have been sent, anyway. Being angry would not change the situation. Yao Yue, calm down a bit, be careful with your health, okay?"


Beitang Yao Yue closed his eyes, took a deep breath to calm down himself, then with his hands pressing on his lower belly, he said slowly, "You go out."


Helpless and desperate, Dongfang Hao Ye went out.




"Little Hao Hao, what's the matter? Why are you crouching in the doorway.. why are you crying? Today is the new year's eve."


Xiao Wangye was forced out by Beitang Yao Yue and was now depressed, crouching in front of the door of Hanqing Hall. When he heard the sound, he looked up and was shocked. Wiping his eyes, he shuddered, "Sis, sister.. you, you.. why are you dressed like this?"


The 'Beitang Yao Yue' in front of him was really, extraordinarily beautiful; wearing a moon-colored brocade gown, with outer coat of snow ferret fur, making the wearer looked lean and elegant. The figure also had a pair of dark star-like eyes, red and captivating lips that were sporting a slight smile, and a confident air that could rob a person's heartstrings.


Aiya, My Dear God! Were Yao Yue to appear like this and stand still in a crowd, how many girls would be enthralled by him?


Dongfang Hao Ye cried in his heart.


Beitang Yao Chen grinned, "Presently, I'm not your sister, but I'm your beloved wife-- Beitang Wangfu's Third Son, a noble among the noble of the capital, Beitang Yao Yue."


Dongfang Hao Ye said nervously, "Sister, are you going to replace Yao Yue in attending the Palace Banquet this evening?"


"But of course. What else I'm going to do by dressing like this?"


"But.. this is, this..."


"What? You'd rather let Yao Yue go instead?" Beitang Yao Chen smiled, "Do you intent to let him go with his health condition? Right now, not many people know about Yue's situation, so I ditch the belly, can't scare those old court official guys."


"No, no, that's not what I mean." Dongfang Hao Ye certainly would never let Yao Yue to go, but...


"Sister, when you go, you must moderate your manners.. don't, don't..."


Dongfang Hao Ye's words faltered, making Beitang Yao Chen chuckle. She squeezed his cheeks and said, "Little Hao Hao, rest assured. I won't 'attract flowers and bees' in your beloved wife's stead." She said with the emphasized on 'attract flowers and bees', making him feel embarrassed.


Beitang Yao Chen laughed, "Anyway, now I am Yao Yue. Yao Yue's temper is even colder than Eldest Brother's, who would dare provoke him."


Dongfang Hao Ye grinned from ear to ear, grabbing her sleeves, he said, "Good Sister, it's a good thing you come here. Right now Yao Yue is angry with me, he even drive me out of the room. You go in and help me persuade him not to disregard his health."


"I heard about it this morning. Little Hao Hao you did the right thing!" Beitang Yao Chen encouragingly patted him on the back, then said earnestly, "He is moody because of the morning sickness, you have to endure it. Wait until your child come out."


Dongfang Hao Ye sighed and miserably nodded.