Chapter 18

The next day, Dongfang Hao Ye only got up when the sun had already climbed high in the sky. Tuoba Zhen's first sentence for him was a question asked with a wide grin, "Did Wangye slept confortably last night?"


Dongfang Hao Ye lazily stretched his back and said with a giggle, "With a beauty in my arm, of course I slept so well."


Tuoba Zhen saw Xiao Wangye's lazy and satisfied look and thought this Beauty Plan was most definitely effective. This Wen Country's Xiao Wangye maybe was not a homosexual, maybe his marriage with Beitang Yao Yue was merely a symbol of alliance of two countries. But even if he was a homosexual, in front of a woman this beautiful, what man could resist?


Dongfang Hao Ye said, "I want to write two letters for my brothers, can Second Prince let someone send them?"


Hearing this, Tuoba Zhen's eyes shone, with a smile he said, "Of course."


This matter could not be delayed; Dongfang Hao Ye immediately wrote two letters. One was for his Emperor Brother; the content didn't have to be too detailed, it was more or less what Tuoba Zhen had proposed to him that day, and how this proposal would bring benefits for Wen.


The other letter was to be sent to Deyun Pass, which was right on Ming-Wen Countries' border; for Zhenxi Wangye, the Marshall of three hundred thousand military forces, Dongfang Hao Ye's eldest brother, Dongfang Hua.


Dongfang Hua's reply soon arrived, his letter clearly stated that he wanted to meet with Dongfang Hao Ye. After all, this was a matter of great importance. He didn't wait for the Emperor's decree but wanted to directly discuss with Hao Ye soon. Tuoba Zhen checked the letter and didn't doubt it, immediately he ordered his people to prepare, and he wanted to accompany Hao Ye to Deyun Pass to meet Dongfang Hua.


If his proposal was accepted, then it was expected that he and this Wen Country's Great General would share Ming Country between them.


If it was rejected, at the very least Tuoba Zhen could seize Dongfang Hua's hundred thousand elite soldiers; that would ease his way in pushing Si Jian to the Ming's throne and him obtaining a vast land including Lingzhou.


But Tuoba Zhen didn't know that the letter was a trap to lure him to Deyun Pass. Dongfang Hao Ye's real secret letter was the one he'd written at Beitang Yao Yue's tent that night, and he'd had Xiao Dong sent it.


As for Si Jian, Xiao Wangye originally had wanted to deal with him himself, but after that meeting with Beitang Yao Yue, he changed his mind.


For Yao Yue's sake, this matter should not be delayed. Dongfang Hao Ye no longer stubbornly tried to compete with Beitang Yao Ri, and decided to use all forces available to resolve this as soon as possible. He told Beitang Wang about the coming meeting, knowing Beitang Wang would utilize Tuoba Zhen's deceitfulness to provoke the in-laws, Si Jian and Li Can, to think that Tuoba Zhen had turned into enemy.


Dongfang Hao Ye and Beitang Wang's secret communication was made possible because of Yan Zi Xing. Not only did he play-act with Xiao Wangye in the daytime, he also ran back and forth between Tuoba's Residence to Beitang Wang's camp at night.


It was at this time when Dongfang Hao Ye and Beitang Wang had finished discussed their separate plans, that Dongfang Hua's reply came.


Tuboa Zhen moved very quickly. On the second day after they received Dongfang Hua's reply, he was all ready to go along with Dongfang Hao Ye to Deyun Pass. Of course, Dongfang Hao Ye didn't forget to bring Yan Zi Xing who dressed as Cai Xing.


When they arrived at Deyun Pass, Dongfang Hua had already set up a private team to wait and welcome them. The arrangement at the pass was simple but Tuoba Zhen still had some cautions, he didn't enter and stationed his people outside the pass.


Dongfang Hao Ye entered alone; now inside the room there were only these two brothers, he and Dongfang Hua. He immediately leaped forward and bear-hugged Dongfang Hua, laughing he said, "Eldest Brother, long time no see!"


Dongfang Hua's usually serious face showed a hint of smile, "How old are you, where is your manners?"


"I'm a grown up but will never be as old as Eldest Brother. You have not seen your beloved little brother for so long, how come you're so serious?"


Dongfang Hua said, "Right, what are you going to do about Xijue?"


"Hasn't Third Elder Brother said anything?"


"The Emperor secretly ordered me to first hear your plans. How did you convince the Emperor?"


"Hehe, I'm just reminding him to put the country's interest first." Dongfang Hao Ye grinned smugly. Added with reminding him of Third Sister-in-law and the little baby in her belly, it was all it took.


After all, Third Elder Brother understood that the fatty meat, Ming Country, was too big to swallow.


Reaching an alliance with Xi Jue wouldn't necessarily resulting in them gaining advantage with cheap price; even if they really could share Ming Country's territories, the price to pay would also be unimaginably high.


But helping Ming Country to end the civil rebellion by investing proper military strength and driving Xi Jue away, they could get a big reward. What was more, Tuoba Zhen had personally sent himself to their door; they could just shut the door trapping him inside. Wasn't that an easy move [actually it was written 'half the work, twice the effect']?


Dongfang Hao Ye and his Eldest Brother then discussed the details of their plan. Considering Tuoba Zhen was very cautious, they mustn't act rashly in case they alerted the enemy [*1], it was better to first act friendly[*2] with him. When Tuoba Zhen warmed up to them [*3], it would be easier to deal with him [*4]. With Beitang Wang on the other side, this way, the rebelling party could be attacked on both side.


[*1 da cao jing she : act rashly and alert the enemy,


*2 xu yu wei she : pretense at complying, sham gesture of politeness,


*3 yin she chu dong : to pull a snake from its hole (idiom), to lure and expose the culprit,


*4 weng zhong zhou bie : to catch a turtle in a jar (idiom), to set an easy target.]


"But that Li Can should not be underestimated." Dongfang Hua hit the table top and said, "Three days ago he launched a surprise attack outside Lingzhou, his move was simple and direct, but also very neat; giving quite a blow to Ming army."


"What? Surprise attack?" Dongfang Hao Ye was shocked, "What time did they attack? What about Ming army's casualties?"


"This is the secret eagle-post I got this morning, you see for yourself."


Dongfang Hao Ye hurriedly grabbed the battlefield report and read it.


It was said that a few days ago, Li Can launched a night surprise attack; he led five thousand cavalry soldiers to enter Ming army camp, at the same time he ordered thirty thousand soldiers to attack from behind to the center of the camp. Ming army was caught unprepared and had to hastily vacate the camp overnight and retreat for thirty miles.


Yao Yue... Dongfang Hao Ye's heart jumped and his hands started to tremble.


Maybe.. maybe nothing happened, Yao Yue must have already left... He said this in his head, but his heart was still worried.


"Hao Hao, are you okay?" Dongfang Hua saw Dongfang Hao Ye's pale face and was concerned, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"


"Eldest Brother, I'll be going first." Dongfang Hao Ye rushed out of the door, ran across the courtyard and came to his temporary room.


"Zi Xing!" In his urgency, he forgot Yan Zi Xing's alias, "Li Can led a surprise attack three days ago and forced Ming army to retreat for thirty miles. You know Yao Yue..."


Dongfang Hao Ye suddenly stopped, he saw Yan Zi Xing standing still in the middle of the yard with a pale face; a messenger owl on his shoulder, when Yan Zi Xing saw Dongfang Hao Ye, he hid his hands behind his back.


"What is that?"


"No.. nothing." Yan Zi Xing's eyes flickered around in panic and his complexion was not much better than Dongfang Hao Ye's.


"Is it news from Lingzhou?" Dongfang Hao Ye stared in askance. These past few days, Zi Xing had been keeping in touch with Lingzhou, if there was any sign of trouble, he would know, "Is it about Yao Yue?"


Yan Zi Xing was forced to step backwards, but still he didn't speak.


Dongfang Hao Ye shouted, "Is it?"


Shocked, Yan Zi Xing stilled for a long time, before finally he said with shaky voice, "Eldest Brother sent news, said that Third Brother went missing since the surprise attack three days ago. Presently, his whereabouts is unknown."


When he heard those words, Dongfang Hao Ye felt the sky and the worlds turned upside down, his heart tried to beat out of his chest.


Yao Yue...




Damn this damned weather, it was actually raining! Dongfang Hao Ye jumped off his horse, then gripping the reins he led the horse forward.


He was in a narrow valley, the road was muddy and the flooding river left mud and gravels on the mountain trail. He could barely open his eyes due to the heavy downpour, and his clothes was completely soaked. Thunders boomed, but the horse was not scared.


The truth was, this was the first time Dongfang Hao Ye ever looked this miserable; even that time when he was desperately traveling to Yaojing, there was still Xiao Dong accompanying him.


Talking about Xiao Dong, naturally he thought of that servant of him. Aiya...


Dongfang Hao Ye had been out searching for over half a month and had yet received news about Beitang Yao Yue. Three days ago, due to heavy rain and floods, his troops of horse riders had scattered. Dongfang Hao Ye didn't want to give up the search and retreat, so he alone went forward to continue searching.


He had already handed over the matters at Deyun Pass. At the beginning, he urgently wanted to search but he couldn't leave. Then Shui Lian'er arrived and he immediately let her, disguised as himself, stayed and dealt with Tuoba Zhen, together with Eldest Brother.


Shui Lian'er had been friends with Dongfang Hao Ye for so long, added with her expertise in disguising herself, it was no trouble for her to imitate Xiao Wangye. Also, she had helps from Yan Zi Xing who was not a simpleton himself. Currently, most probably Tuoba Zhen who had been trying to steal a chicken, was having a taste of chicken shit instead*.


[*It was modified from 'tou ji bu cheng shi ba mi' : trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.]


After Dongfang Hao Ye handed over the plans to them, he immediately rushed to the battlefield the surprise attack took place, bringing a team of horse riders and carefully searched for any of Beitang Yao Yue and Xiao Dong's trails, but found nothing. He was torn between relief and anxiety.


The relief came with news from Beitang Yao Ri. It was said that the people in Lingzhou didn't capture Beitang Yao Yue; they didn't even know Beitang Wangfu's Third Master was at the army camp and regretted the missed chance of taking hostage for life insurances.


Beitang Yao Ri had been mightily furious, and sent three hundred thousand soldiers and horse-riders to Lingzhou and launched a huge sweeping attack. When Dongfang Hao Ye saw that Beitang Yao Ri didn't execute Li Can and Si Jian's entire families, a fire of anger rose in his heart.


Because if those people's families were not entirely executed, nothing could extinguish Xiao Wangye's hatred.


The whereabouts of Beitang Yao Yue and Xiao Dong was still unknown, but because the mountain roads were very rough, the search became more urgent. Xiao Dong's martial art was good, but he didn't have any medical skills. What if Beitang Yao Yue and the babies...


Dongfang Hao Ye wiped the rain water off his face and pulled the horse deeper into the mountains. Yesterday, they finally found a faint sign Xiao Dong left on the foot of the mountain, but due to the mountain flash flood and his subordinates scattered, Dongfang Hao Ye wasn't sure if he could find the signs in this heavy rain.


Dongfang Hao Ye suspected that he had taken the wrong direction, because in this rugged mountain road, how could Beitang Yao Yue and Xiao Dong's carriage drive through here?


The heavy rain tried to beat him down, but he kept going as if this was his last breath. When the sky turned dark, the man and his horse somehow made it up the top and finally arrived at a flat ground on the mountain.


The rain gradually stopped, Dongfang Hao Ye staggered into the depth of the forest where he suddenly saw a small hut; its light was dim but hinting a faint warmth. He quickly jumped onto the horse's back and rushed to it.


Before he even arrived at the humble hut's door, Dongfang Hao Ye's steps had become unsteady because of exhaustion. Then he weakly knocked on the door.


"Is anyone there? Excuse me, is anyone inside?"


"Who is it?" A voice answered after a while.


Dongfang Hao Ye explained that he wished to rest here for the night. After a long time, the humble hut's door opened. Dongfang Hao Ye raised his head with gratitude and was about to thank the homeowner when he startled.


The man in front of him stared at him with wide eyes for a few long seconds then suddenly shouted, "Wangye!" The man rushed to him.


Dongfang Hao Ye was so amazed his head was spinning. Trembling from head to toes, he couldn't speak for a long time.


"Wangye! Wangye!" With tears falling from his eyes, Xiao Dong hugged Xiao Wangye while calling his name repeatedly.


"Xiao.. Xiao Dongzi, is it really you?"


"Huhuhu.. Wangye.. Wangye... Wangye, how come you're here?" If not for Xiao Wangye's body temperature, Xiao Dong's would have thought he was hallucinating.


With his shaky hands, Dongfang Hao Ye gripped Xiao Dong's and asked, "Xiao Dongzi, where's Yao Yue? Where is Yao Yue now?"


". . . Hao Ye." A very familiar voice penetrate through the sounds of the gradually stopping rain; the voice sounded like brimming with unspeakable joy.


Dongfang Hao Ye turned his head and saw a man standing while leaning against the door; looking straight at him.


"Yao.. Yao..." Dongfang Hao Ye let go of Xiao Dong's hand, ran with his unsteady feet to the man and hugged him.


"Yao Yue! Yao Yue!" Dongfang Hao Ye was pleasantly surprised and his head was still spinning. He carefully examined Beitang Yao Yue and saw that he and their babies were fine; this calmed him down. Suddenly he collapsed to the floor feeling dizzy...




"Huhuhu... Master, forgive Xiao Dong. Xiao Dong is useless and has made you suffer! Huhuhu... Master, Xiao Dong apologizes. Xiao Dong is useless, has made you suffer! Huhuhu... Master..."


"Alright, stop crying, it's giving me headache." Dongfang Hao Ye had been impatiently enduring Xiao Dong's cries, he wanted to scold Xiao Dong only to make him shut his mouth. But at the moment he was concentrating on his meal, and had no spare energy to do anything else.


"Is the Young Master fine with coarse foods?" Old Madam Cang, her maiden surname was Chenli, was old her back was hunching; she held out a plate of fried wild vegetables and asked somewhat nervously with her oddly very loud voice.


"It's delicious! It's delicious! Thank you, Grand.. gerk.." Xiao Wangye fought back a hiccup. He drank the tea that Xiao Dong hurriedly handed to him. Beitang Yao Yue helped patted his back, looking at him with a frown.


A shabby table held a plate of pickled vegetable, a small plate of dried beans, and a small bowl of the left-over wild-pheasant meat that Xiao Dong captured yesterday in the mountain, also a plate of fresh fried vegetables that Dongfang Hao Ye had just finished.


People in the mountain lived a hard life. This Grandma* Chenli's age was already old, her husband died early and her only son went to join the army stationed far away at the border.


Her daily foods were these kinds of vegetables she grew in the backyard, the rice that was bought at the town, and mushrooms and bamboo shoots she picked on the mountain.


[Actually it as written Old Madam, but I changed it into 'grandma'.]


The nearest town took two days down the mountain, but due to frequent flash flood this spring, she couldn't get out of the mountain. Fortunately, since Beitang Yao Yue took shelter here, Xiao Dong could go around the mountain to hunt for some game animals, picked some wild fruits and herbs to return her favor.


This crude tea was too light, but Dongfang Hao Ye was too hungry anything was fragrant. When he imagined Beitang Yao Yue eating these things for a half-month, it was distressing.


With Beitang Yao Yue's condition, if they were at their own residence, he would give Yao Yue Lingzhi mushrooms, snow lotuses, ginseng and swallow's nest to replenish Yao Yue's weight. But, Yao Yue now could only hide here in a secluded forest.


Grandma Chenli's ears were almost deaf, she couldn't hear Dongfang Hao Ye at all, Xiao Dong had to relay the words right into her ear, but she smiled as she heard Dongfang Hao Ye's reply. Her face was full of wrinkles and creases, but her smile was very sincere.


Dongfang Hao Ye put down his bowl and took Beitang Yao Yue's hand, gratefully said, "Fortunately, you're fine."


He watched Beitang Yao Yue's appearance, under the candle light something was a little off.


"Ah! You're wearing a woman's dress!" Xiao Wangye only now discovered that, though the clothing was simple, it really was a woman's clothing that Beitang Yao Yue was wearing. His eyes widened as his mouth gaped. If not for Grandma Chenli at the side, he would've appreciated this new look very carefully.


Beitang Yao Yue in a woman's clothing; Dongfang Hao Ye had never imagined it even in his dream.


Although Beitang Yao Yue was beautiful, but his temperament was indifferent, his manner firm, and his personality calm; there was not a hint of feminine character in him. He was like a distant snow lotus in a thousand-year snow-capped mountain; he was cold, beautiful, elegant and calm.


What Dongfang Hao Ye loved the most was this personality, while his appearance was the second. That was why when Beitang Yao Yue and Beitang Yao Chen appeared side by side, Dongfang Hao Ye's heart was moved by the man Beitang Yao Yue, rather than the beautiful and feminine sister of Yao Yue's, Beitang Yao Chen.


However.. though he never thought about it, Beitang Yao Yue in a woman's dress was still completely different than Beitang Yao Chen.


Xiao Wangye stared as if in a trance, his heart was trembling. Beitang Yao Yue stared back with a cold glare.


Xiao Dong pulled Xiao Wangye's sleeves and whispered, "Wangye, there's saliva dripping from your mouth."


Grandma Chenli's face wrinkled even more as she smiled, "The Young Master is finally meeting his wife after a long separation, this old woman knows not to bother you. Xiao Dong, let's go out." Then she spoke to Dongfang Hao Ye with a 'low' voice, "Young Master must want to be affectionate with his wife, but your wife's belly is so big, probably it's best if you hold yourself back for the time being, as not to hurt the mother and the baby."


Cough! Dongfang Hao Ye blushed beet-red.


Grandma, what are you saying? I'm not about to that! Also.. your voice is too loud...


Xiao Wangye had been exposed to public, and was so ashamed he wanted to cry.


Grandma Chenli and Xiao Dong picked up the dishes and retired.


Beitang Yao Yue went to lean against head of the bed and started to take off his clothes. He then glared at Dongfang Hao Ye and said sternly, "Don't talk about it!"


"Yes!" Dongfang Hao Ye was a good husband, so of course he immediately complied his beloved wife's order.


Only, his mouth said one thing, but his eyes were still staring.


Maybe it was because of his very pregnant belly, but Beitang Yao Yue's appearance and temperament had been softer. Him wearing women's dress didn't seem abrupt, instead it gave off a different kind of charm.


In the north, there were many tall women, so Beitang Yao Yue dressed as a woman didn't look odd. Dongfang Hao Ye knew that if it wasn't the situation forcing him to wear it, Yao Yue would never do it.


It was Beitang Yao Yue and Xiao Dong themselves leaving the army camp; Xiao Dong was very alert and their tent was at the very rear of the camp, so they could quickly escape. When the Lingzhou rebel army circled the whole camp, their carriage had already fled through the mountain to avoid their pursuers.


Beitang Yao Yue picked the direction; they didn't go to one of Ming's district governor's house, instead he told Xiao Dong to drive to Ming and Wen Countries' border, Deyun Pass.


But their road was blocked by a mountain landslide. The road was too dangerous to cross, and fearing the safety of Beitang Yao Yue and his pregnancy, Xiao Dong drove around carefully until they found this remote small village. In order to prevent scaring the homeowner, Beitang Yao Yue had to wear a woman's clothing and stayed here.


After listening to the events and incident Beitang Yao Yue had to gone through, he shuddered. Then he gripped Yao Yue's hand in his, "Yao Yue, you had to suffer so much, it was all my fault."


Beitang Yao Yue sighed and said, "No, it was me making you worried, I should have returned to Yaojing earlier."


He sounded a little gloomy, making Dongfang Hao Ye's heart felt tight.


Beitang Yao Yue was the formidable Beitang Wangfu's Third Son, a respected gentleman of noble birth and outstanding reputation. He had been living idly and comfortably in Yaojing, until calamity started when he became the object of a boy's first love. Then he had to leave his former status and 'married' to someone of the same sex, so far away from home.


That alone had already tainted his self-esteem and pride, but because of his unique constitution he had to become pregnant, therefore was unable to protect himself at the moment of crisis. How damaged were his pride and dignity now?


Dongfang Hao Ye recalled that time when Beitang Wangfu was attacked, Beitang Yao Yue had rushed out of Hanqing Hall with a sword in his hand. He was calm as ever even in a dangerous situation, slaying enemies with his sword, until he saw Dongfang Hao Ye spurted blood just to warn him; only then his expression changed.


Yao Yue. His Yao Yue. His glorious, proud, cold and stunning bright moon [bright moon = mingyue; the same 'yue' with Yao Yue]. But because of Dongfang Hao Ye selfishly wanted to make him his, now Yao Yue had to wear a woman's dress to avoid the enemy's eyes.


Dongfang Hao Ye was all choked up he couldn't say any more words, just tightly gripping Yao Yue's hand in his.


Beitang Yao Yue didn't know what was inside Dongfang Hao Ye's mind, but when he saw his expression, he smiled and comforted, "The truth is, living here is also nice, it's safe and quiet, the scenery is also very beautiful. Also the babies are being obedient, Mrs. Chenli is simple and honest, and there is Xiao Dong taking care of me. There's nothing to worry about. Only it's because I couldn't get news so I was worried about you."


"Hey, you were worried about me, and I was worried about you, we were worrying about each other." Dongfang Hao Ye pushed away his gloomy feelings and tried to be cheerful, "Finally now our family have reunited, we shall never be separated anymore. Don't worry, I won't be back to Lingzhou, I'll always stay by your side."


Dongfang Hao Ye swore in his heart, he would never again leave Beitang Yao Yue. One separation had scared him to death, if they became separated again.. he would forcefully bring Yao Yue back to Yujing.




Dongfang Hao Ye and Xiao Dong went back to the road on which Xiao Dong and Yao Yue first entered the mountain, and saw that the road had been blocked with mud caused by flash floods.


Good thing was, it would make no enemy nor pursuers come here. Bad thing was, they couldn't get out of here. According to Grandma Chenli, this road was blocked every spring and it would stay like this until the end of the season and become clearer in summer.


This road was hopeless, so Xiao Wangye took Xiao Dong to the other side of the mountain, to the treacherous road he came across yesterday, and was taken aback. The mountain road was originally already dangerous, rugged and steep; now it was completely blocked by mud. Apparently a landslide had happened last night.


Today was a sunny day, looking at the treacherous road Dongfang Hao Ye was inwardly scared; how did he and his horse crossed it last night? Seemed like before the road became clear again, they were trapped here.


But according to his calculation, Beitang Yao Yue would be giving birth in less than a month; considering this, Xiao Wangye was pressed by time.


Xiao Dong comforted him, "Wangye, the spring flood will end in the next few weeks, then I can immediately gathered several people who live here to help clean the road so we can go sooner."


Xiao Wangye thought this solution was not good enough. Even if the road could be cleared sooner, could Yao Yue make the trip? This place was about five or six days away from Deyun Pass. If there was a slight mistake, Yao Yue would...


Remembering that Jin Hua woman, or was it Yin Hua? --that had to gave birth on the road; he couldn't help crying, "No. Huhuhuhu..."


Xiao Dong was stunned, "Wangye, what happened?"


Xiao Wangye squatted and hung his head down; weeping.


Huhuhu... He couldn't! The honorable Jing Wangye's beloved wife should've given birth inside the richly-ornamented Wangfu, should've been examined and helped by a talented doctor, should've had a dozen imperial physicians and twenty nurses waiting at the side, should've...


"Huhuhu... Xiao Dongzi, what should we do? I don't want Yao Yue to give birth in this remote place, it's too dangerous, too dangerous! It's not a light matter! Huhuhu..."


"Wangye..." Xiao Dong frowned; looking at him with a troubled look.


Suddenly his eyes brightened, he said excitedly, "Wangye, in case.. This servant means, just in case, that Wangfei is to be giving birth here, there is still you. Last time, you helped that Jin Hua's childbirth successfully. Wangye and Wangfei have good fortune and are blessed by the Heavens, Little Masters will be just fine."


Dongfang Hao Ye's expression became even gloomier. That time, it was successful thanks to Yan Qing Yi, okay? The most he did for that woman was helping straightening the fetal position, as for touching her.. that humiliating experience should never be mentioned [because he fainted, LOL].




Xiao Wangye sighed and patted his cheeks; trying to cheer up, "Xiao Dongzi, we'll slowly think of a solution. Is Yao Yue bringing his medicine that could help protect the fetus?"


"Yes, the amount is enough for until they day Wangfei gives birth, I've made sure."


"Xiao Dongzi, you did a good job!" Dongfang Hao Ye patted his shoulder, and happily said, "You are the most loyal subordinate! When we return, Benwang will give Xiao Tao Hua to you."


"Ah..." Xiao Dong blushed and was embarrassed , "Wangye, what are you saying?"


"Hey, still trying to deny? Do you think Benwang didn't notice?" Dongfang Hao Ye made a kissy face, "How long have you been sneaking out with Xiao Tao Hua? Are you not admitting it? Or should I just give her to someone else, or maybe I'll take her as a second wife, after all she is my most helpful maidservant."


"No, don't! This servant wants her! This servant wants her!" Xiao Dong's blushing face held a bit of anxiety.


"Hahaha.. silly boy, now you're admitting it?" Dongfang Hao Ye laughed, "Don't worry, don't worry. Benwang is good-hearted, will not steal someone else's lover."


"What stealing someone else's lover?"


Unknowingly, they had arrived at Grandma Chenli's house. Beitang Yao Yue was leaning against the door and saw them coming.


Xiao Wangye immediately transformed his expression, and cheerfully ran to Yao Yue, "Why are you coming outside? Go back and lie down."


"The sun is already high. I'm not an invalid." Beitang Yao Yue narrowed his eyes and with a slight smile, asked, "Xiao Wangye, who's stealing whose lover?"


"Huh? Who wants to steal whose lover? Who? Who?" Xiao Wangye hugged Yao Yue and nervously said, "Yao Yue, you're mine, no one could steal you."


Beitang Yao Yue glared and snorted, "Playing the fool!"


Even Xiao Dong sent him a scornful look, making Xiao Wangye sad.


Of course, Beitang Yao Yue didn't care for Xiao Wangye's play, releasing himself off Hao Ye's hands, he said, "Living here, you can't eat free food. Xiao Dong goes uphill every day to collect firewood, catch some game animals, and pick wild fruits. He's worked hard. What can you do?"


"I..." Xiao Wangye pondered, he actually knew nothing, "I can fetch water, um... And I can collect firewood." He'd seen servants in the Wangfu doing those things, it couldn't be that hard, right?


"Well then, Xiao Dong can help Mrs. Chen Li cook, you go collect firewood, then in the afternoon fill in the water tank."


Xiao Wangye complied; he folded his sleeves and excitedly said, "No problem! Yao Yue, you wait, your husband will show his skill!"


Beitang Yao Yue raised his eyebrow and wanted to say something, but seeing the excited look on Hao Ye's face, he didn't say it. Throwing a last glance at Hao Ye, he slowly walked into the house.