Chapter 6

"Why are you not moving?" Beitang Yao Yue could not help but growled.


He was filled to the gills by Dongfang Hao Ye, he could feel his burning hot and hard steel only mildly rubbing his inner wall. Gradually the itching became intolerable, he actually looked forward to being pumped, Dongfang Hao Ye was still and motionless.


"Huhu.. Yao Yue, I can't move.. My lower back hurts, my bum hurts, and my foot hurts..."


Beitang Yao Yue was almost angered to death, "Didn't you insist in doing it? You, you.. Why is your foot hurt?"


He was most probably lightheaded, to be asking such an unimportant question.


"My foot is swollen..." Dongfang Hao Ye swallowed his next sentence, afraid to anger him. He'd tried to move once, but he just could not.


"Yao Yue, what to do? I can't seem to move my waist. Huhu.."


Beitang Yao Yue, whose arousal had just risen, was exasperated, he groaned, "What can I do?"


"I can't.. Yao Yue, how about.. maybe if you move..." Dongfang Hao Ye made a suggestion.


"You..." Beitang Yao Yue panted, "You pull out of me."


"No, I don't want to! I'll do it, I'll do it..." Dongfang Hao Ye embraced him tighter, refusing to let him go, and tried to go deeper in.


"Yao Yue, I moved, I moved. But I'm really hurting..." He was extremely hurting.


Beitang Yao Yue swore inwardly, but he was reluctant to stop halfway [he used the idiom 'when riding a tiger, it's hard to get off']. The little sip he'd had just now only left him empty, now he felt like hovering above the clouds and could not get enough.


Beitang Yao Yue fought for a while, but finally he could not bear the torture. Holding Dongfang Hao Ye, he gently turned their position over. With both arms as props he straddled Dongfang Hao Ye, then took a deep breath and started moving slowly.


"Ah.. hah.. Yao Yue, you're so wonderful, so good..." Xiao Wangye's hands supported Beitang Yao Yue's butts, he mindlessly groaned.


Beitang Yao Yue who sat above him, driven by his own desires, gradually got the hang of it. This actually felt much better than when Dongfang Hao Ye just randomly hit him. Quickly, he found the erogenous zone which made himself happiest, aiming his hips he impaled himself right on it, and couldn't hold back the moan. His whole body softened.


"Yao Yue, you're so good. I like you very much, like you very much..."


As if spellbound, Xiao Wangye opened his eyes and saw Beitang Yao Yue's handsome face right in front of him.


His eyes were closed, his long and thick eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings, his dark hair stuck to his sweat-condensed cheeks, his eyebrows knitted; he was biting his lips and breathing heavily. He looked both pained and intoxicated.


Beitang Yao Yue was wearing out, but Dongfang Hao Ye's desire showed no sign of receding, he was still hard inside him.


"I don't know either.. huhu.. Yao Yue, move faster, move ah..." Dongfang Hao Ye leaned forward and motioned for him not to stop.


"Uh..." Embarrassed and angry, Beitang Yao Yue glared at him. He was now riding 'the tiger', gritting his teeth he continued to spend his desires.


Long time afterwards, Beitang Yao Yue was overwhelmed by Dongfang Hao Ye's astonishing stamina, he finally gave up his own reluctance. Sitting upright, he reached both hands for support as he leaned backwards, raising his head he started to rock harder. His silky black hair swung back and forth behind his graceful neck. He looked particularly bewitching.


Dongfang Hao Ye felt like reaching the ninth heaven, both body and soul was overwhelmed. When Beitang Yao Yue violently climaxed, he could no longer hold back and climaxed too, shooting hot liquid to Yao Yue's insides.


"Ah..." Beitang Yao Yue shouted, he felt as if all his internal organ was being penetrated and his stomach was full. His whole body shuddered and his limbs weakened, he fell down.


Dongfang Hao Ye quickly caught him. He saw Yao Yue had bitten his lips until they were bleeding.


"Yao Yue..." Gently he kissed his blood-stained lips. Warmth of love and affection blossomed over his chest, he sighed contently, "Yao Yue, I love you so much."


Beitang Yao Yue trembled, didn't know whether it was caused by the lingering passion or Dongfang Hao Ye's confession. He closed his eyes and didn't speak.


Dongfang Hao Ye's penis slowly slipped out of Yao Yue's body and a thick liquid ran down, staining the bedsheets with its erotic scent.


The night activity exhausted the two, and they fell asleep on each other's embrace.


In the morning, when the sun just barely exposed its head, Beitang Yao Yue sensed a movement and dazedly opened his eyes.


"What are you doing?" He asked sleepily.


"Nothing. Beloved Wife, you continue sleep." Dongfang Hao Ye bowed his head to kiss his mouth once, then carried on what he was doing.


"Mm.. uh..." Beitang Yao Yue slightly wrinkled his long and fine eyebrows, but continued to sleep.


This displeased Dongfang Hao Ye.


Was his effort so bad?


He took out his erection, then with it he abruptly hit the erogenous zone on Beitang Yao Yue's inner wall.




Beitang Yao Yue shouted hoarsely and suddenly raised his head, now completely awake.


"Dong. Fang. Hao. Ye!" Gritting his teeth, he called out Xiao Wangye's name.


"Hah, ah.. Beloved Wife, you feel so good!" Dongfang Hao Ye cried out obsessedly, once again thrusted in hard.


"Uh.. You... Stop! Stop..."


Irritated, Beitang Yao Yue turned around, but he was tightly pressed by Dongfang Hao Ye. His penis vigorously thrusting into his body, making him shivered violently.


Beitang Yao Yue's hands clutched the bedsheets tightly, his long hair spread over his exposed healthy-looking, honey-brown back. The shapely lines and delicate skin made the people seeing it want to touch.


Xiao Wangye leaned forward, from behind he picked Yao Yue, then his hands automatically grabbed Yao Yue's dick and started rubbing it up and down.


At the front, his morning wood couldn't survive even a little teasing, and behind him he was being pumped rhythmically, Beitang Yao Yue could not hold back for much longer. Dongfang Hao Ye's fingers were neither too tight nor too light, flexibly stroking bursts of pleasure out of him. Yao Yue's resistance gradually weakened.


However, Beitang Yao Yue stubbornly bit his lips, refused to let a moan out.


Dongfang Hao Ye leaned down his face to kiss him, but Yao Yue turned his head so Dongfang Hao Ye could not reach him.


Hmph! His beloved wife was so stingy!


At last, Xiao Wangye was fulfilled, injecting his seeds into the tight and delicate tunnel inside his beloved wife's body.


Beitang Yao Yue lay there for a few moments, when he finally catched his breath, hoarsely said, "Won't you move? How is it possible you're still so lively?"


"This husband had just made love to you last night, of course I can't move. Isn't this better than sleeping?" Xiao Wangye forced a laugh.


"I believe you are a demon!" Furious, Beitang Yao Yue pushed him away, "Go away! I don't want to see you!"


He struggled to sit up and collected his clothes, suddenly he remembered how he'd voluntarily impaled and fucked himself on Hao Ye, he wished he could beat this rascall to death.


Coldly ignoring Hao Ye's pleadings, he slowly put on his clothes then shakily walked to the bathing room at the back.


Xiao Wangye dejectedly watched him gone and didn't dare follow. However, in his head he was imagining.


Hehehe.. after a few days of strenuous work, possibly right now inside his beloved wife's belly, his baby was starting to grow...


Xiao Wangye waited a whole day in his room, but Beitang Yao Yue didn't return. When asked, a servant said that he had gone out for some work.


Hearing this, Dongfang Hao Ye was distressed, sincerely he reflected on his own mistakes.


Right now, his behind was truly sore. Since last night, he'd been sitting on three layers of cushions but he was still hurting. But Yao Yue actually had to go out on horseback.


For the first time Xiao Wangye regretted and was upset. He criticized and questioned himself.


It was late in the evening when Beitang Yao Yue returned, his face looked wan and sallow. He ignored Xiao Wangye, had dinner alone, and then went to sleep in the study.


Xiao Wangye knew he was truly annoyed, so he didn't dare stroking the tiger's whiskers [idiom, means doing something very daring]. He only ordered people to prepare late night snacks and some supplement for Yao Yue, and bid him good night.


Early the next day, Dongfang Hao Ye had already waked up. The early summer morning was peaceful, only the sounds of birds and cicadas singing could be heard. Through the half-open window, the breeze blew in, gently swaying the curtain.


Dongfang Hao Ye lay on the bed and stared blankly at the pattern on the ceilings above.


Today was the seventh day since he lost his memory. In the short span of seven days, he recalled many 'great' things he had done.


On the first day, it was his 'first meeting' with Beitang Yao Yue and afterwards was blurred, he remembered falling asleep on his lap.


On the second day, he entered the Palace, was given an aphrodisiac by his Emperor brother, which he secretly gave to his beloved wife. At midnight after the scare of causing his wife injury, he finally had a taste of the wish he cherished for many years [he actually said many years, just found it funny].


On the third day, he was asleep for almost the whole day with his beloved wife. Later he attempted to have 'mandarin-duck bath', but his wooing was rejected. He was beated a little but overall it was a happy ending.

[mandarin-duck bath is a bath that leads to... ahem, sex.]


On the fourth day, he was called to the Palace by the Emperor, 'interrogated' about the drug's efficacy and forced to share his bedchamber secrets. But he was also told an unexpected news that his beloved wife was a Moye and could bear children, he was ecstatic. However, he was not happy for long, as he was almost harrassed by Nangong Liu Jian that night. Fortunately he was not in danger.


The morning on the fifth day, he rushed to the suburb mansion, cried a little, slept a little and did nothing. At night he was eaten, then later ate back.


On the sixth day, yesterday, he was as proud as a cat who'd stole the fish, but then he waited a whole day for his beloved wife like an abandoned concubine.


Today was the seventh day.


Saying the time passed fast, it was not fast. Saying it was slow, it was also not slow.


Fast, because in a blink of an eye, seven days had passed but it felt short. Slow, because in these seven days, so many things happened, it made his head spinning.


Dongfang Hao Ye sighed, climbed out of the bed and called out for a servant.


When he'd done washing, looking at the sky, he guessed it was only rabbit-hours [rabbit-hours (Mao-shi) is around 5-7 am]. He dressed then limped to the study room, where he opened the door and then silently closed it behind him.


In the study room there was a bed on the side, and Beitang Yao Yue was lying on it with his eyes closed. His hair scattered over the pillow and and a few strands framed his cheeks, contrasting with his clear-white jade skin.


Dongfang Hao Ye stared at him for a long while, then he picked up a few of Yao Yue's hair to play with, he wanted to smell it but was afraid of waking him up. While he was hesitating, Beitang Yao Yue stirred and turned to the side, but did not wake up.


He looked exhausted even in his sleep, and Dongfang Hao Ye felt a pain in his chest.


Yao Yue, oh, Yao Yue. He loved Dongfang Hao Ye, but why should he be so hard on himself?


Dongfang Hao Ye recalled their love-making yesterday night, the affection for himself was evident.


Taking off his shoes, he gingerly climbed on to the bed to lie beside Beitang Yao Yue. When he reached his hand to embrace him, it was slapped hard.


"Aiyo!" Xiao Wangye startled, then he smiled and lay down, "When did you wake up?"


Beitang Yao Yue didn't open his eyes, he swatted Dongfang Hao Ye's hand a few times but found out the hand was like glued to himself and would not come off, finally he gave up.


Dongfang Hao Ye knew he was really tired, he whispered in his ears, "You just sleep, I don't want to quarrel, just want to hold you."


Beitang Yao Yue eventually was too tired to care. He turned to find a comfortable position, then he stilled, appeared to be asleep.


What martial art Yao Yue praticed, Dongfang Hao Ye didn't know, but his body's temperature was always cool all year round. Embracing him in a hot summer day like this, he still felt cool and comfortable.


Dongfang Hao Ye buried his face in Yao Yue's black hair, smelling the faint fragrance on his body. They had never been this close in body and mind. He felt perfectly content, ignoring the vague sense of restlessness in the darkest part of his heart.


The room was quiet, there was only the sound of their breathing.


Long time afterwards, Dongfang Hao Ye whispered, "Yao Yue, after you finish with the matters, we'll stay here for a few more days before going back, alright?"




"The summer days are very hot nowadays, isn't it good to find fresh air in the mountains? Besides, here you can also spend some leisure times."


"What leisure times you mean? Won't you be bored if you stay here? I heard you had never been to this summer house for several years."


"How could I be bored? I heard from a servant that the scenery around here was beautiful, at the foot of Feng Mountains there is Lake Biyan, we can go visit it."


"Wangye is in a good mood, huh?"


"Hehehe, looking forward to seeing the misty mountain and boating on the lake, how can I not be in good mood?" Dongfang Hao Ye held Yao Yue's hand, whispered, "Let's stay here."


Beitang Yao Yue was silent for a moment, then softly sighed, "You want to stay, then let's stay."


Happy, Xiao Wangye stuck his face to Yao Yue's back.


The two of them stayed at the suburb mansion. Actually, since the first time it was built, Xiao Wangye had only been there a few times, and never visited the mountain and rivers.


According to Xiao Dong, the lake was not only filled with clear green water, in the summer afternoon, it would be blanketed with a white mists. The mist looked somewhere between fog and smoke, it was very beautiful.


Hearing this, Dongfang Hao Ye was very tempted. He immediately ordered the steward to find a boat, planning to enjoy the scenery with his beloved wife.


After that day, Beitang Yao Yue returned to the bedroom and stayed with Dongfang Hao Ye, but didn't allow him to touch. Dongfang Hao Ye thought of the saying 'too much was just as bad as too little' and grudgingly agreed. He just used Yao Yue as a cool pillow, caging him with his hands and feet. Problem was, it made waking up in the morning.. a little hard.


Since Xiao Wangye woke up with amnesia, many things happened in the capital reeled him dizzy all day. Living quietly in the suburb mansion was a kind of blessing.


Because of his foot injury, he could not move about freely. He could not come with Beitang Yao Yue during the day to work, but he accompanied him to read books or play chess in the library. The two lived in peace and harmony for a while.


Today, the steward had prepared the boat, and Xiao Wangye's foot was almost healed. He excitedly took Beitang Yao Yue boating around the Lake Biyan.


Looking around, he saw water of blue-ish color stretching far away, surrounded by green mountains, the scenery was beautiful.


The two men boarded the the boat, Xiao Dong and other servants had already prepared some food and drinks. People casted off the rope then started paddling, and the boat slowly sailed to the heart of the lake.


Beitang Yao Yue was in a good mood, leaning over the bow he looked out at the scenery, his face showed off a pleased expression.


Lake Biyan was as its name suggested [bi= means blue-greenish color; yan= mists]; just after noon the lake seemed to boil and layers of mists gradually rose, but it didn't make peopel felt hot and damp, it felt refreshing.


Beitang Yao Yue, enveloped by the mists, looked blurred.


"The blue lake and the green mountain still, the fairy is somber, deep amidst the fog and mist."


"What are you talking about?" Yao Yue looked at him with a smile.


Xiao Wangye gestured around him, then added, "I am talking about this mountain, this water, this mist, and this fairy!"


"I'm not a fairy." Though Beitang Yao Yue's words expressed disdain, his eyes were smiling.


Dongfang Hao Ye sat next to him, leaned against him at the bow. Seeing he didn't protest, he reached out for his waist, "Yao Yue, I like you."


Beitang Yao Yue continued to look at the front, saying nothing.


These days, Dongfang Hao Ye always readily said this sentence. At first, he ignored it. Then, he became somewhat impatient. Lately, he'd gradually become used to it.


"Yao Yue, why do you think I like you?" Dongfang Hao Ye played with Yao Yue's loose hair.


"How would I know?"


"Because I fall for you since the first sight."


"Fall since the first sight?" Beitang Yao Yue chuckled, “Weren’t you just coveting my beauty?"


"Hehe.. Well, since I first laid my eyes on you, I like you."


Dongfang Hao Ye was not at all shy about expressing what was on his mind. He confessed smoothly, and even stole a kiss.


Beitang Yao Yue lightly shoved him away, said, "Don't make trouble, we are outside."


"Why? Outside and at home, what's the difference?" There was only one boat, their boat, on the entire Lake Biyan, why afraid? His beloved wife was too prim.


When Beitang Yao Yue heard Dongfang Hao Ye said the word 'home', his expression was a little odd.


Although he had lived together with Dongfang Hao Ye for more than a year, he never treated it like his home.


After all, he was also a man, not a woman who married into a new home following her husband. Jing Wangfu was not a shelter for him. If talking about home, naturally he thought of the capital of Ming Country, where he grew up with his brothers and sisters.

However, just now when he heard Dongfang Hao Ye's word, Beitang Yao Yue didn't feel awkward.


Unknowingly, he had already thought Dongfang Hao Ye as his family member, wherever he was in, then it was a home...


This sudden realization of 'marrying into a family' kind of feeling shocked him, and made him unable to adjust.


"What's wrong?" Dongfang Hao Ye saw that he had not spoken for a long time and thought something was wrong.


Beitang Yao Yue paused for a moment, then slowly said, "Hao Ye, truth is... I never thought of this as my own home."


"Oh, why?" Dongfang Hao Ye asked calmly, didn't seem to be upset.


"Are you not angry?"


"Angry? Why?" Dongfang Hao Ye looked at him uncomprehendingly, "If you didn't feel this place as home, then it was my fault. How could I be angry with you?


"You had to leave your home country, you must be unwilling. Then it should be me who apologize."


Beitang Yao Yue was stunned, silently stared at him.


"Yao Yue, every year when the summer is too hot, let's stay here for a few days, what do you think?" Dongfang Hao Ye changed the subject, looking at him with great enthusiasm.


Beitang Yao Yue smiled slightly, then said, "Alright."


Unconsciously, he seemed to have accepted the status as Wen Country's Jing Wangfei.


Xiao Wangye was overjoyed, then his hands started to get naughty.


"What are you doing?" Beitang Yao Yue grasped the hand that was sneaking into his robe.


"Yao Yue, let me touch..."


"What touch! I'm not a woman, I have not breasts."


"But, the response here is the same." Xiao Wangye blinked, his fingers quickly probe into Yao Yue's clothes then deftly kneaded the small nub on his chest, feeling it gradually stiffened.


Beitang Yao Yue's eyelids were drooping, "Oh, here has the same response?"


Xiao Wangye laughed, said, "I don't really know. I just heard Elder Brother said the women's here was also sensitive."


"... Have you done it with women?"


Dongfang Hao Ye never expected him to ask this question, his mouth opened but he only stared with surprise.


Beitang Yao Yue looked away, the tips of his ears were red, stiffly said, "If you don't want to answer, then forget it."


Xiao Wangye laughed, "I don't remember, what should I say?"


"... Then forget I ask anything."


"What about you? Have you done it with women?"


Beitang Yao Yue did not turn back, only grunted shortly.


Xiao Wangye was even happier, rubbing his face on the side of his head, and blew air to his ear.


Yao Yue's earlobe soon became so red, looking like a ripe fruit, so Xiao Wangye bit it.


"Don't make troubles!"


Beitang Yao Yue could no longer stand him, pushed him away. The boat suddenly swayed, because the bench they were sitting on was narrow and Dongfang Hao Ye was unprepared, he toppled backwards. Beitang Yao Yue immediately turned to grasped him, only to fall too. Fortunately, the bench was short, so the fall didn’t hurt.


Beitang Yao Yue fell right into Dongfang Hao Ye's arms.


Dongfang Hao Ye immediately turned around, backed Beitang Yao Yue against the side of the boat, then kissed his red lips.


Their tongues tangled, while their breath mingled.


Beitang Yao Yue tasted like the finest wine; light but not weak, rich and fragrant.


Xiao Wangye explored every inch of his mouth, when he didn't react with rejection, he felt tenderness.


This was the first time they kissed deeply.


Funnily enough, before or after Xiao Wangye lost his memory, both of them never had a kiss this consuming and intoxicating.


The lingering, warm and sweet kiss robbed each other's breath.


When their lips finally separated, a thin silver thread connected them, adding a lovely and amorous feeling. Compared to the few times they made love, it was more exciting and endearing.


Dongfang Hao Ye crushed him to his chest and murmured, "Yao Yue, I like you. I like you very, very much."


"I know." Beitang Yao Yue lightly hugged him back, his hands gently stroking his back.


"What about you? You... Do you like me?" Dongfang Hao Ye finally asked what he had been hoarding for a long time.


Beitang Yao Yue didn't say anything for a few moments.


Xiao Wangye's heart was about to burst, when he was almost desperate, he suddenly heard him saying, "Idiot."


Dongfang Hao Ye shook, hugged him in ecstasy.


They lay together on the floor of the boat, when it swayed, they inched closer to each other.


Xiao Wangye greedily dropped gentle kisses on Beitang Yao Yue's face and lips.


Beitang Yao Yue frowned slightly, but the corners of his mouth were raised up full of smiles, he did not resist. Occasionally, he too was provoked, and kissed back.


On this beautiful evening at Lake Biyan, Dongfang Hao Ye felt like he was a naive, ignorant baby. He clinged to Beitang Yao Yue and continuously acted spoiled.


Forgetting the original intention to swim in the lake, he only wanted to appreciate this beauty in front of him. The beauty's reponse was a little awkward but very gentle.


In the next few days, every midday, Xiao Wangye who had tasted the sweetness, dragged Beitang Yao Yue to tour the lake. Then he hugged him on the rocky-boat's soft bench, and gradually intensified his tasting.


On a certain day, Beitang Yao Yue's strength couldn't compare with Dongfang Hao Ye's determinations and teasings, finally weakened.


Xiao Wangye felt profound happiness he could not put into words.


They stayed at the suburb mansion for a few weeks, until the hottest days of summer were almost over.


Liu Bo was a competent steward, he did a good job maintaining the wangfu. Every three days he sent people to report that there was nothing they needed to worry about. Only, every few days people came to inquire, when would they come back? Because the Emperor had summoned Xiao Wangye several times.


In the end, Xiao Wangye understood he had dragged his feet long enough. When the summer was over, he ordered the servants to pack up, then they returned to the Wangfu.