Chapter 9

Shui Lian'er was half-shocked and half-angered, she sat helplessly by the side for a long moment before softly said, "Wangye, are you feeling better now?"


"Huhuhu... What if Yao Yue doesn't want me?"


"How would I know?" Shui Lian'er said bluntly, but it only made Xiao Wangye cried even louder.


Suddenly the door slammed open and a person rushed in. Seeing the man, Shui Lian'er scrambled to stand up. She bowed a little and said, "Gate Master Nangong."


Nangong Liu Jian's handsome face carried a warm and genial smile as always. He nodded to her once, then when his gaze swept over to Dongfang Hao Ye, he was surprised, "You cried?"


"Not your business!" Dongfang Hao Ye wiped the tear tracks on his face before coldly croaked, "Gate Master Nangong is a very busy person, why aren't you here with Second Prince?"


"Me?" Nangong Liu Jian said while glancing at Shui Lian'er.


Shui Lian'er tactfully retired and closed the door behind her.


"Hao Ye, I'm sorry. What happened last night was not my intention."


Dongfang Hao Ye sneered, "Not your intention, but you didn't mind at all. How was it? Seeing Yao Yue being tortured, weren't you pleased with yourself?"


"Do you think I'm that kind of person?" Nangong Liu Jian was exasperated while his eyes showing pain.


Dongfang Hao Ye also felt that his accusation was to heavy, but when he recalled the hardships Beitang Yao Yue had to endure, and that they almost lost their child, how could he accept it? So he ignored the protests.


Nangong Liu Jian lowly sighed, said "Hao Ye, you really do like him?"


"I don't like him. I love him!"


Nangong Liu Jian's face paled, "Why? Why him?"


"No reason. Since the first time I saw him, I know he is the one." Dongfang Hao Ye calmly and lowly said, "Liu Jian, I'm not lying to you. I like Yao Yue, I love him."


Nangong Liu Jian was silent for a long time, then he painfully said, "Since when?"


Dongfang Hao Ye didn't answer.


Nangong Liu Jian looked straight at Dongfang Hao Ye and gritted his teeth, "I would rather you lied to me!"


Dongfang Hao Ye sighed, "Liu Jian, I'd told you earlier, we are not possible. Why didn't you ever give up after all these years?"


Nangong Liu Jian sat on a chair, his face expressionless.


"Liu Jian, now you know how important he is to me, so what happened yesterday should never be repeated, or I'll never forgive you."


Nangong Liu Jian smiled sarcastically, "What did I do? Didn't you asked me to approach Dongfang Ye, to allure him into a maze, to provoke him into treason while acting friendly? Did I do it wrong?"


Dongfang Hao Ye unflinchingly said, "You did it right? But you shouldn't have hurt Yao Yue, shouldn't sit still while watching him being tortured."


Nangong Liu Jian watched him closely, "You're saying this to me, it's not fair."


"Perhaps." Dongfang Hao Ye shrugged, "Fair or unfair, it's subjective. Love is selfish anyway, and I only have Yao Yue in my heart, so naturally I only think for him."


Nangong Liu Jian hatefully said, "You're a fox with no conscience!"


"Didn't you know that already?" Dongfang Hao Ye huffed, acknowledging that he did make use of Nangong Liu Jian for years.


Suddenly, Nangong Liu Jian smiled, "Alright! Fine! You only have Yao Yue in your heart, you only think of him, but do you think he is the right one for you?"


Dongfang Hao Ye frowned, "What do you mean?"


Nangong Liu Jian did not speak, abruptly he knocked on Dongfang Hao Ye's acupuncture point, "Hao Ye, I think in your heart you already understand. Everything I is for you."


Dongfang Hao Ye was completely unprepared and alarmed, he stared at him "Liu Jian, what are you doing.. umph..."


His question had not yet finished, his mouth was blocked by Nangong Liu Jian. This kiss was different than the kiss Dongfang Hao Ye shared with Beitang Yao Yue; this one was fierce and fiery, forcefully trapping Dongfang Hao Ye's tongue.


Dongfang Hao Ye was suffocating, but he could not move his limbs. He only felt hands started to feel up his body.


Bastard! His face reddened and his lung could not take in air. Suddenly he swayed, the room spun and he was thrown on to the bed by Nangong Liu Jian.


"What are you doing?" Dongfang Hao Ye shouted with alarm, suspiciously watched as Nangong Liu Jian took off his outer coat and climbed on the bed.


Nangong Liu Jian smiled lightly, "Hao Ye, I know you don't prefer being under other men, but as long as you like it, I'm willing to do anything for you."


Panic dawned on Dongfang Hao Ye, striving to act cool, he said, "Liu Jian, you have to calm down..."


"I've been acting cool for a long time." Nangong Liu Jian smiled some more, he untied Dongfang Hao Ye's belt and slowly peeled off his trousers to grab his penis.


Dongfang Hao Ye felt his brain dropped to the ground and could not think at all for a moment. His blood rushed down to that one sensitive place without his consent.


"Don't be like this! Liu Jian, don't!" He yelled in panic, but his body seemed to be out of tune with his brain, completely disobeying its owner's command and continued to cater to Nangong Liu Jian's work.


"Ah..." Dongfang Hao Ye was unable to think, finally he screamed as he released.


He fell onto the soft and fragrant pillow, the rich scent mixed with a taste of musk, making his mind hazy.




Why did Liu Jian do this?


"Why are you crying? Are you not satisfied?" Nangong Liu Jian's slender fingers stroke Donfang Hao Ye's cheeks and gently wiped away the tears.


"Don't do this... Liu Jian, I will hate you!" Dongfang Hao Ye gritted his teeth, his eyes red.


Nangong Liu Jian smiled, his face was dim. He leaned down and kissed Dongfang Hao Ye on the cheek, whispered, "I would rather you hate me, than not have me in your heart..."


"What's good about me? Why is it me?" Dongfang Hao Ye could not help asking the question he'd had in his heart for many years.


"What's so good about Beitang Yao Yue? Why is it him?"


Regarding Nangong Liu Jian's rhetorical question, Dongfang Hao Ye had no other answer.


No, there was no reason.


Perhaps, that year he was indeed fascinated by one very beautiful person, but how many were beautiful people in this world? Even though Beitang Yao Yue was very outstanding and brilliant, but having raised up in the Palace, what kind of a beauty Dongfang Hao Ye had never seen before? Why did he simply had to be in love with Beitang Yao Yue?


That year when he was with him for only a few days, Dongfang Hao Ye had already made an oath for a lifetime.




Why? Dongfang Hao Ye did not understand it himself.


"How is it? Just now, was it not comfortable?" Nangong Liu Jian suddenly whispered in his ear, then blew hot air to it. "Tell me, has Beitang Yao Yue ever done this to you?"


Dongfang Hao Ye closed his eyes to avoid looking at him.


Nangong Liu Jian only laughed and teased Dongfang Hao Ye's earlobe with his tongue.


"Enough! Nangong Liu Jian, stop! Stop!" Dongfang Hao Ye's face darkened and he shouted.


A strange flash crossed Nangong Liu Jian's eyes. He laughed in his ear, "Hao Ye, let me see how deep is Yao Yue's love for you." [What!!!]


Horrified, Dongfang Hao Ye's eyes widened.


The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. [Idiom; means 'to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger']


Nangong Liu Jian! What kind of drama was he arranging?




The bedroom door opened, several people could be seen entering the room behind the screen.


The room was slightly smokey, the air was full of unique aphrodisiac incense which very popular in brothels. The wide and refined bed was obscured by a curtain, and through the gauze could be seen two entangled figures.


The woman in the lead's face changed. She waved her hand and someone abruptly opened the bed-curtain wide, and then people could see everything in the bed.


Everyone gasped.


"Sis.. sister-in-law..." Dongfang Hao Ye was pressed down to the bed by Nangong Liu Jian, when he looked up and saw the person behind the Empress, he paled and was unable to speak.


Beitang Yao Yue's expression was calm, pale as snow, and he was staring at him coldly.


"What are you doing?" Qiu Zi Ling's face turned green as she shouted.


Dongfang Hao Ye opened his mouth to answer but he could not talk. Nangong Liu Jian wrapped him in his arms and said, "What are we doing, Empress, don't you see? It's not polite to disturb other people's happy times."


Although the two's clothes were only half opened, and only a little could be seen, people could not mistake their state. What was more, Nangong Liu Jian's thighs were clamped around Dongfang Hao Ye's waist. Anyone with a brain could see what they were doing.


"Gate Master Nangong, please conduct with dignity." Qiu Zi Ling was infuriated. Seeing their state, it was clear that their happy business had not finished yet. Reigning herself, she understood that this was not the place to deal with Xiao Wangye. She lowly said, "Dongfang Hao Ye, you come with Bengong right now!"


[Bengong is how an Empress refers to herself in front of people of the same or lower rank.]


"I.. I'm..." Dongfang Hao Ye cried with no tears. He could not move, huhu...


Nangong Liu Jian's acupuncture technique was unusual; Dongfang Hao Ye could not solve it. And he was held tightly by Nangong Liu Jian, he could not break it even if he tried.


"Empress, since Wangye and Gate Master Nangong have not finished, we should not disturb them. We better take our leave." Beitang Yao Yue's light voice echoed all over the room, there was not a trace of emotion.


"Yao Yue, you..." Qiu Zi Ling still wanted to say something, but then she saw Beitang Yao Yue's pale and cold expression, she shut her mouth.


Beitang Yao Yue glanced at the two people on the bed, then slowly walked to the door. Suddenly he turned his head, and threw out a sentence, "You continue."


Qiu Zi Ling glared at Dongfang Hao Ye, her lips thinned, then she shorted before followed Beitang Yao Yue out.


The crowd went as fast as they came; they were inside for a few minutes, then the room was quiet again.


Dongfang Hao Ye was still held by Nangong Liu Jian, his head was spinning. Beitang Yao Yue's last sentence pained him to the bones. He didn't even aware when Nangong Liu Jian released his acupuncture points.


Dongfang Hao Ye slowly extricated himself and sat dazedly on the bed, his face void of expression. He didn't know how long he sat there until he discovered his face was wet.


"Hehe, Liu Jian, did you hear?"




"He said that we continue."




"He said that we continue.. we continue..."


Nangong Liu Jian stared at him, sighed and said, "Why are you crying? We didn't do anything."


Dongfang Hao Ye wiped his face, then glared at the main villain in front of him, "Now, are you proud? Now Yao Yue gets the wrong idea, now he will never forgive me! Your mission has been accomplished! Huhuhu... Why are you still here?"


Nangong Liu Jian said, "I just wanted you to see, he didn't even asked question, he deemed you were guilty as soon as he saw you. It was clear that he didn't have you in his heart, otherwise he wouldn't be so indifferent."


The originally pale face of Dongfang Hao Ye, became even paler. He was still and silent for a moment, then he looked down on his chest.


Startled, Nangong Liu Jian asked, "Hao Ye, what happen?"


"... I'm counting..."


"Counting what?"


Dongfang Hao Ye whispered, "Counting the broken pieces of my heart..."


Nangong Liu Jian seemed to hear that Hao Ye cried from the bottom of his heart; a heart-breaking cry.


After a moment, Nangong Liu Jian softly said, "Do you like him so much?"


Dongfang Hao Ye didn't answer.


Nangong Liu Jian silently got up, slowly dressed and was about to leave the bed when Dongfang Hao Ye called, "Wait."


"What? Want to be with me?" Nangong Liu Jian smiled hopefully.


"How is the Fenqing, is having intercourse with a man enough? This kind of poison is aggressive, can affect life and death." Dongfang Hao Ye glared unhappily at Nangong Liu Jian. Did he think he wouldn't notice?


Fenqing [= burning passion] was a kind of aphrodisiac, but also a kind of poison. The person who first developed the poison initially wanted to torture some people by making them burning with desire [in short, horny], but having intercourse with women didn't solve it. Martial art practitioners were especially affected, either they died because their internal circulation became chaotic, or they lived a lifetime without their humanity.


This medicine did not have any special antidote, because the creator had a very vicious heart, didn't want his enemy to find a way or a chance to recover.


Who knew that ten years ago, a man who was poisoned with it mistakenly had an intercourse with another man, and unexpectedly solved the toxicities. Now the public knew the cure of this poison.


Although Dongfang Hao Ye resented Nangong Liu Jian for provoking a wedge between him and Beitang Yao Yue, he and Nangong Liu Jian still had many years of friendship behind them. Since he knew he was poisoned, he had to help him solve it.


Nangong Liu Jian said, "Can you cure it? Or are you willing.. with me..."


"Naturally, I have the detoxification method. But if you want someone to do that with you, this Wangchun House does not lack attendants."


Nangong Liu Jian glared at him.


Dongfang Hao Ye took a medicine bottle from the second drawer of the cabinet on his left, and threw it to Nangong Liu Jian, saying, "You're lucky, I just developed this antidote for Fenqing Poison two years ago. It can save your life."


Finished saying he looked at Nangong Liu Jian, then smiled, "No, it's not saving your life. It's saving your son's life."


Nangong Liu Jian pocketed the antidote, the corners of his lips raised, "If I have a son later, I'll let him serve to repay you."


He got out of the bed and tidied up his clothes, back into the well-dressed Gate Master Nangong; only his complexion was a little paler.


Dongfang Hao Ye asked, "How did Dongfang Ye find you out?"


Nangong Liu Jian casually said, "It is from the inside of my Gate, I will find out."


"So someone is double-crossing you." Dongfang Hao Ye coldly smiled, "We really have the same problem."


What coincidence, someone from his Gate also didn't understand the rules.


Xiao Wangye naturally knew that it was no coincidence that Beitang Yao Yue appeared here. However, he believed that it was not Nangong Liu Jian who lured him here, because after he took away Beitang Yao Yue last night, Nangong Liu Jian and Dongfang Ye both went back to the Wangfu [Fu Wangfu].


And then whatever happened afterwards, Dongfang Ye apparently turned against Nangong Liu Jian and poisoned him with Fenqing. Immediately after leaving the Wangfu, Nangong Liu Jian arrived here at Wangchun House at the agreed time. In this case, he wouldn't have the time to notify Beitang Yao Yue.


In fact, Dongfang Hao Ye already figured out what person was it, but it was more important to solve Dongfang Ye first.


"What happened inside your Gate, I don't care. But you should explain how were you poisoned with Fenqing?"


Nangong Liu Jian thoughtfully said, "Last time, Dongfang Ye clearly had not found me out, but this morning he suddenly changed his attitude. I was wary, but I did not expect him to have added the poison to the tea.


"Dongfang Ye is not a keen man; if he encounters a unexpected event, he hurries to act; and he lacks patience and courage."


Dongfang Hao Ye smiled coldly, "True. But he thought of using this kind of method to test your friendship with me, he is quite smart. Alright, it's already late, you must go." Dongfang Hao Ye pointed him to the door.


Nangong Liu Jian laughed, "Are we still friends?"


Dongfang Hao Ye only threw two words, "Get lost!"


Nangong Liu Jian smiled and walked away with a hand wave, no longer burdened with past obsessions.


After Nangong Liu Jian had gone, Dongfang Hao Ye stayed still inside the room for a long while. Suddenly he flipped the furnace and crushed the contents of the bedroom.


"What are you mad about?" Shui Lian'er threw open the door and looked at him with horror. Around her, the originally luxurious and expensive room was like a scene after a hurricane.


Dongfang Hao Ye felt dejected; but venting his anger just now only left him empty. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he rubbed his forehead and said tiredly, "Shui Lian'er, don't ever let me find out you betraying me. This once is the example."


Shui Lian'er stilled for a moment, then sighed, "I didn't expect it would happen to this. Today, I invited Beitang Yao Yue to tell him something, but who knew Gate Master Nangong came too."


"No need to explain." Dongfang Hao Ye waved his hand weakly, "After all, everything happened according to your wish. Even is Liu Jian didn't come, all that you did was to seek this result."


Shui Lian'er was silent.


Dongfang Hao Ye looked down at his hands, the white palms were empty. No matter how he tried, he could not catch anything. Exactly how far was Yao Yue from him?


"I don't understand, why is me liking Yao Yue not enough? Why can't I be with him? If he doesn't like me but I like him, is it not enough? What can I do to be with him?"


"Gate Master..." Shui Lian'er felt only helplessness looking at him like this, walking to sit beside him, she hugged him, "It is not love if it's just you alone."


Dongfang Hao Ye shook all over, once again, tears welled up in his eyes. He deep-inhaled, struggling to prevent the tears to fall.


Love was not love if it was you alone. This, he already knew. However, he would not resign.


Once, he thought that Yao Yue liked him at least a little bit. But now...


"You continue."


"You continue."


"You continue."




Dongfang Hao Ye felt his heart was slowly cut pieces by pieces by Beitang Yao Yue's indifferent words.


Even though Nangong Liu Jian was testing him, it was not that he could not check out Yao Yue's reaction too. Who knew the answer was so unbearable.


Dongfang Hao Ye buried his face in Shui Lian'er's embrace, weeping like a child.


After a while, he lightly said, "Lian'er, don't ever do this thing anymore, it's useless..."


Even if they tried so hard to make him see the truth, his situation was already helpless since long time ago.


The falling flowers were yearning for love, but the heartless stream rippled on. [Idiom; fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love.]


But who knew that the falling flowers that were swallowed up by the stream, were still not happy?


Who knew that the falling flowers that flowed together with the stream were not joyful?


Maybe it was battered by the stream, or maybe it was drowned; was the falling flowers' biggest expectation.


He already lost his mind and soul, he was willing to follow the waves, to wherever it was taking him...




"Yao Yue, things are almost ready. When are you planning to leave?"


Beitang Yao Yue received the medicine prepared by the Empress, Qui Zi Ling, then slowly sipped it, "Tomorrow."


Qiu Zi Ling said, "Hao Ye hasn't been here these few days, you... perhaps you should talk with him."


Beitang Yao Yue put down the medicine bowl and used his finger to wipe the corner of his mouth, then he lightly said, "No need, he will know."


"Yao Yue." Qui Zi Ling looked with worry, said, "He is right now fighting with Fu Wang. If you leave at this time, he.. he will..."


"He will be busy."


Beitang Yao Yue thought of Dongfang Hao Ye's determination and dilligence, he would not give up the plan he built for a long time.


Qui Zi Ling was a little upset, she pondered for a moment, then said, "Yao Yue, the thing is... I'm afraid there's a misunderstanding. Although Hao Ye is mischievous, he really is serious about you. All these years, he would not suddenly had an affair with another man. That thing with Nangong Liu Jian, most probably it's not as it looks like."


Beitang Yao Yue was silent for a moment, then sighed and lightly said, "My wanting to return to Ming is not related to this matter. Right now, so many things happen with Eldest Brother and Second Brother, I cannot stay here and do nothing."


Qiu Zi Ling was still concerned, "But right now it's troubled times in Ming, it's not save to go back. Also, what about your current condition."


Beitang Yao Yue's expression was tangled, his heart filled with a complex emotion. Gently, his hands stroke his lower abdomen.


This child, was it really there or not? Although he understood the physique of Moye people, he never expected that there would be a day like this.


This pregnancy had never crossed Beitang Yao Yue's mind before. And if someone told him, he would thought the peson was talking nonsense.


But now?


In Beitang Yao Yue's mind there was a silghtly-rounded and soft, baby-face of Dongfang Hao Ye.


Clearly he was already nineteen years old, but people would mistake him as a sixteen. When he laughed, his white two tiger-teeth could be seen, his cheeks had deep and rounded dimples; very cute. The weirdest thing was, when Hao Ye stared with his large, bright and dark eyes; people would think he was so innocent.


Beitang Yao Yue had to admit, that somehow, this simple and lovely image of Dongfang Hao Ye really affected his feelings.


"Yao Yue." Qiu Zi Ling saw him silent and expressionless, she could not help be nervous.


Beitang Yao Yue made up his mind, "At any case, I can't stay here anymore. I must go back! As for the child?" He paused, then slowly said, "If he could be born, then it is his life. If not, then it is his fate."


Hearing this, Qiu Zi Ling was more worried.


Dongfang Hao Ye's heart for Beitang Yao Yue had exceeded everyone's expectation, even after he had to suffer amnesia for seven days.


He encountered assassins in his youth; and his meridian points were damaged, his learning skills was constrained, therefore people around him spoiled him so much, no one forced him to do hard work. He was properly and spoiledly raised; he lived in the Palace comfortably, happy and free.


However, at the age of twelve, a trip to Ming Country let him experience love, igniting his spirit. And when he went back to Wen Country, he'd changed into a man.


Dongfang Hao Ye was naturally clever. If he wanted to do something, once he made up his mind, his determination was scary. Even the Emperor might not have the same perseverance.


Over the years, Dongfang Hao Ye had devoted all his mind carefully planning and preparing, for what? Many people could see.


Just one word, love. Often times, people trapped deep inside it and could not extricate themselves. The so called 'the person on the spot was baffled*', his situation had already come to this, gradually become out-of-control.


[*From the idiom: dang ju zhe mi, pang guan zhe qing : The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear.]


This, Beitang Yao Yue might or might not know. But in all fairness, Beitang Yao Yue didn't think Dongfang Hao Ye like him like that.


Qiu Zi Ling, although was very close to Beitang Yao Yue, she had been married to Wen Country for many years, she treated Dongfang Hao Ye as her own favorite younger brother, how could she not felt for him?


Now seeing this kind of situation, her heart was pained for both Beitang Yao Yue and Dongfang Hao Ye.




The next day, Beitang Yao Yue found Qiu Zi Ling standing beside the carriage, and was very surprised, "What are you doing here?"


The Wen Country's Empress were not wearing any make up, she didn't even apply some powder. Her current refreshing and clean appearance was completely different than how she was usually.


Qiu Zi Ling beamed from ear to ear, "Of course, I'm going with you to Ming Country."


Beitang Yao Ye said with astonishment, "Does the Emperor agree?"


"Why wouldn't he?"


Beitang Yao Yue frowned, "I can take care of myself."


Qiu Zi Ling said, "I'm not doing it only for you. Actually, it's been a long time since I last went home, so I might as well pay a visit. Father wrote to me last time that he was collecting herbs in Ming Country's Yan Mountain. Perhaps this time we could meet Father in Yaojing."


Qiu Zi Ling's father, Qiu Ye Yuan was a famous doctor. He traveled all around the world to practice medicine and healing. Qiu Zi Ling's medical skill was learned from him.


Qiu Zi Ling saw Beitang Yao Yue still frowning, sighed, "I have been married to Wen Country for many years, have never been back home once."


Beitang Yao Yue said, "Alright, suit yourself. But the matter before, my Eldest Brother?"


Qiu Zi Ling waved her hand, "You can rest assured, those matters had been put down for many years as it should be. You are too young to call me sister, anyway."


Then she gigled before added with a smile, "Moreover, that Beitang Yao Hui's temper is so terrible, no one could bear with him. Everytime I looked at Yao Ri, Yao Hui would look at me like he could eat me."


Beitang Yao Yue also laughed, "Second Brother's attitude to Eldest Brother is the most problematic. Why is he always deliberately trying to trick Eldest Brother, does he know that it's no good pulling a tiger's whiskers?"


"What tiger? And Yao Hui probably is a fox wearing a tiger's skin."


"Do you forget, he is now the leader of a country?"


Qiu Zi Ling snorted, "What's to be afraid of? I am also an Honorable Empress of a country. Knowledge and martial art, I am an equal."


Beitang Yao Yue smiled, "Can you really compete with Second Brother? Me and Yao Chen are willingly looking forward to you and Second Brother having a genuine martial art duel. But everytime you two competing for knowledge, you would be making either poison or antidote, the entire Wangfu will be in complete chaos, even kittens will run away seeing you two."


Qiu Zi Ling laughed, "Do you think I'm afraid? I won't lose in martial art. But that hateful guy would be saying that fighting would make you sweat, make your clothes dirty, and then make you lose your demeanor.


"That man, really. If his appearance looks more beautiful than a woman, it's no big deal. But if even his mind is more delicate than a woman, it's a mistake!"


Beitang Yao Yue laughed out loud, "You better not say this in Ming Country. Lest Second Brother hears you and takes revenge on you."


The two people happily talked and laughed, as they started to leave Wen Country and its troubles.


Qiu Zi Ling saw that, as they were talking about his family and Ming Country, Beitang Yao Yue's expression became radiant. She could see that his heart was surpressed all this time in Wen Country, was not really happy.


Then she could not help but remember Dongfang Hao Ye. How would he react if he saw this current expression of Beitang Yao Yue's?


As they laughed and talked, their carriage gradually left the capital, gradually disappearing from Dongfang Hao Ye's eyesight.




"Gate Master, Fu Wang's thirty thousand soliders have been deterred by the people of Heavenly Gates, General Chen's escorting troop is arriving soon, we should go." Behind him, Shui Lian'er said.


"En." Dongfang Hao Ye replied curtly, he was still staring at the connecting road in the distance.


The mountain wind blew wildly, making his robes flutter. Dongfang Hao Ye desperately wished he could change into a wind and catch up to the person who ran away.


Shui Lian'er sighed, "Gate Master, we really should go, we're running out of time."


Dongfang Hao Ye looked up at the blue sky and the blossoming white clouds floating far ahead. It was a real fine weather.


He took a deap breath before he tightened his reins, saying, "Let's go."


Yunchu turned and then started rushing down the hill. The whistling wind blew onto Dongfang Hao Ye's cheeks, cold as ice.