The novel has been added thanks to Alene giving permission for the work, because she just lost the platform to publish her work online.

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Ugh... his head hurts! So noisy.. who's yelling in his ears? Rude bastards! He turns, covers his head and wraps the blanket tighter around him.


"Wangye! Xiao Wangye, you.. are you awake?" Someone exclaimed.




"Wangye, are you awake? Wangye?"


Sleeps some more...


"Wangye, are you really awake? Wangye, Xiao Wangye..."


"Not awake! Not awake! Stop bothering me!" He finally cannot stand it, sits up and yells.


Who knew that his yelling won't work, it causes bigger commotion instead.


"Xiao Wangye is awake! Xiao Wangye is awake!" The noisy ruckus spreads out.


Heavens! How come it's so noisy! Rolling his eyes, he roars: "Shut it out!" Instantly the people in the room pause, staring blankly at him.


Looking closely, there are around a dozen of various people, of old, young, big and small.


"Xiao Wangye, you're finally awake!" An old servant jumps with excitement; he leans over the bed and tearfully says, "If you were to die, how would I answer to the Late Emperor! This old servant is unworthy, not taking proper care of you..."


Xiao Wangye looks at him, picks at his ear and says, "Who are you?"


"... Huh?" The old servant seems to be stunned.


"Who are you?" Xiao Wangye repeats. Looks like his question succeeds in shutting the old man's noisy mouth, everyone else also just gasps and stares at him with wide eyes.


"Xiao.. Xiao Wangye, you don't know me? I'm your steward Liu Bo. I've been serving you since your childhood..." Liu Bo's eyes are filled with tears and his expression with doubt.


Xiao Wangye stares intently at his wrinkled weathered face, thinks hard for a long time.. and nothing comes up. However, he remembers a more important matter.


"Who am I?"


The people in the room just stare at him as if seeing ghost.


"Do.. do.. do.." Liu Bo is first to react, stuttering like a pig about to be slaughtered, "Doctor! Come, quick!"


A doctor is hurriedly dragged in, he holds Dongfang Hao Ye's hand and examines his pulse.


After a moment, the doctor asks, "Wangye, where do you feel uncomfortable?"


"Headache!" It hurts something awful. He knocks on his head.


The doctor says, "Don't hit it! By all means, do not hit it!" Liu Bo immediately grabs his hand.


The doctor asks, "Beside the headache, do you recall anything?"


He thinks for a moment but his brain is blank, he answers honestly, "No, I don't remember anything."


Liu Bo asks, "You don't even remember falling into the lotus pond?"


"Lotus pond?" Xiao Wangye blinks, "I fell into a lotus pond? I don't remember."


"Then, do you remember who you are?"


"Am I not Xiao Wangye?"


"Ah!" Everyone exhaled with relief.


"Wangye, you still remember your identity." Liu Bo says with a grin.


"Nonsense! Haven't you been calling me with that, I don’t know why am I a Wangye?" Xiao Wangye glares at him.


A delicate young man who has been standing at the side seems to perceive what was wrong, he steps forward and asks cautiously, "Wangye, then do you remember your own name?"


His name? Hmm.. good question.


Xiao Wangye bows his head to ponder and ponder, everyone's head bows lower and lower following him.


Finally.. he gives up.


"What's my name?" Everyone simultaneously gasps, Liu Bo rolls his eyes and drops faint.